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Wooohoo! Here I am with my first, well, per­sonal web­site. This is the 3rd web­site I’ve cre­ated so far (the other two were cre­ated for friends). It is here, that I will post my stuff. I hope you like this site as I enjoy work­ing on it. It will be updated often if I have the time. I also hope you dont mind those annoy­ing text links way up north which is a require­ment to be hosted here for free. Well, that’s all for my first post, bet­ter get on with the works.

Note: These posts which are tagged ‘repost’ are uh..reposts of entries in my old site before I started blog­ging with Word­Press. Just thought I’d repost them here. No, they are not edited in any way, per­haps a few expired links/pictures but no con­tent change what­so­ever. It’s just purely me — every sin­gle imma­ture bit of it. XD

by shenghan in Uncategorized on 17th December, 2004 at 2pm, Friday, December 17th, 2004 02:45 pm GMT +8

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