Repost | Death toll rises to 120,000

The day after christ­mas, I was still in bed on 7a.m. local time (000GMT) unaware of the 8.9 mag­ni­tude earth­quake that caused 40-feet tsunami waves which slammed into ten nations across Asia and Africa, namely: Sri Lanka, India, Indone­sia, Thai­land, Bangladesh, the Mal­dives, Myan­mar, Sey­chelles, Soma­lia and my coun­try, Malaysia.

It is said to be the largest earth­quake that hap­pened any­where in the world in 40 years . The mag­ni­tude of 8 and above is labeled as “Great” and has the aver­age fre­quency of once every year.
Accord­ing to the lat­est new reports, (updated) 63 peo­ple was killed in my coun­try in that inci­dent and after shocks were felt through­out west malaysia.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected and their families.

Note: These posts which are tagged ‘repost’ are uh..reposts of entries in my old site before I started blog­ging with Word­Press. Just thought I’d repost them here. No, they are not edited in any way, per­haps a few expired links/pictures but no con­tent change what­so­ever. It’s just purely me — every sin­gle imma­ture bit of it. XD

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