Site Upgraded!

W0000t!! This site has been upgraded to t3h 1337 Word­Press blog­ging script. I wont even bother to repost my pre­vi­ous entries as I’m run­ning outta time, so I’ll leave the first post here while I go explore this cool thing.

by shenghan in Site on 5th January, 2005 at 10pm, Wednesday, January 5th, 2005 10:40 pm GMT +8


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  1. Jase said

    nice site man :D, love your work (Y)

  2. […] installed a copy of Word­Press 1.2.1 via Fan­tas­tico — mag­i­cally sprout­ing a Hello World entry telling me it’s my first post and that I could edit it and start blog­ging. My website […]