Owned Officers

Two police offi­cers from the sta­tion were invited over to my school for a talk on smok­ing, fire­crak­ers and stuff. The chi­nese new year is just around the cor­ner and fire­crak­ers could be heard through­out teh neigh­bour­hood (it’s ille­gal to even pos­sess them here, but what can I say? the police aren’t doing a good job )

Now back to my school, it was the weekly assem­bly and the police offi­cer was on his talk empha­siz­ing about the use of fire­crak­ers and the sen­tences and fines imposed blah blah.. when sud­denly BANG!!1! a freak­ing fire­craker just exploded right in the mid­dle of his talk or in other words right in front of the police! The sound seem to come from one of the toi­lets but no one was sure whether it really is a fire­craker. but the police offi­cer was like, uhh…there you go, just what I was talk­ing about… (so owned!!)

Later, it was con­firmed that it was indeed a fire­craker and appar­ently it had blasted a hole in the toi­let bowl. The details of the cul­prit who did this is still unknown. bah, what a day ><

by shenghan in General, School on 26th January, 2005 at 6pm, Wednesday, January 26th, 2005 06:40 pm GMT +8

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