Look, ma we’re among the clouds!


First off, that pic­ture is real. Real that is, taken through a cam­era lens, UN-photoshopped. This is the Mil­lau Viaduct, located in south­ern France which crosses the River Tarn in the Mas­sif Cen­tral moun­tains. It is, the world high­est road bridge, span­ning majes­ti­cally at 300m (984 feet), weigh­ing 36,000 tonnes and is 1.5 miles (2.5km) long. Designed by Sir Nor­man Fos­ter (don’t know him? you’re kid­din me arent ya?), this bridge costs 272 mil­lion pounds and beats the Eif­fel Tower by more than 50 feet. It was opened to traf­fic Decem­ber last year.

Amaz­ing yea? yeah, I was like, wooow! when I saw this news. FYI, I have a cer­tain lik­ing for large struc­tures, sky­scrap­ers, super­struc­tures, megas­turctures, watchamacal­lit, since like I was small XD

Sources: Off­cial Pg. | BBC

by shenghan in General on 11th February, 2005 at 1pm, Friday, February 11th, 2005 01:47 pm GMT +8

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