I’m on Ringo, finally


Yeah, you heard it right. After a thou­sand and one Ringo invites in my inbox, I’ve finally decided to dig out some time to attend to them (and that’s because MSN Mes­sen­ger is down again, at least for me). The one thing that kept me from attend­ing to them is that you have to reg­is­ter in order to give your info­ma­tion. I mean, c’mon, why cant they be like birthdayalarm.com, etc where you’re not forced to reg­is­ter when you give your info­ma­tion? Ringo may have been spread­ing around like wild­fire by using this strat­egy, but it just doesnt work for me that way :/

Any­way, here’s the link if you wanna add me in Ringo: http://ringo.com/i?uid=3nCA6RwonPL96X52&

Sigh, what’s up with MSN Mes­sen­ger? It has been down for like 5 times in this month alone. C’mon Google, make us a frig­gin IM! :p

by shenghan in General, Internet on 1st March, 2005 at 9pm, Tuesday, March 1st, 2005 09:27 pm GMT +8

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