Not Again..

Early this morn­ing, the chi­nese daily lay­ing out­side greeted me as I opened the door prepar­ing for school. Not that I read chi­nese news­pa­pers, my mom reads them. What caught my eyes was the num­ber “8.5″ printed in big, red bolded let­ters. The first thing that ran through my mind was, Earthquake…magnitude…yeah, has to be…shit…8.5?!..last year’s was 9.0. Damn..

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After school, first thing I did was to check Google News. So it seems: Yes­ter­day, an earth­quake mea­sur­ing 8.5 in mag­ni­tude struck the Indone­sian island of Nias, off the coast of Sumat­era. It hap­pened at 11pm local time. Well, I was in bed. No wait, I was rush­ing through my home­work at that time. :p

Tremors were reported to be felt through­out penin­su­lar Malaysia. Heck, we didn’t even feel a thing over here in Kuch­ing. I guess that’s another rea­son to be glad that I’m stay­ing on this mas­sive land-mass of the island of Borneo.

At the time of writ­ing, hun­dreds have been reported dead and there wer­ent any killer tsunamis (phew). Ini­tially, tsunami warn­ings were issued imme­di­ately after the quakes in the coun­tries across the Indian Ocean. When I was on the way to my school, the radio reported that the tsunami warn­ings had been with­drawn. Good thing there wer­ent any tsu-freakin-namis, or else the death toll could be much higher.

To all those who were affected by this unfor­tu­nate dis­as­ter, my feel­ings and prayers are with you.

by shenghan in General, News on 29th March, 2005 at 11pm, Tuesday, March 29th, 2005 11:26 pm GMT +8

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