Wet, wet, wet

Seri­ously, if the weather con­tin­ues like this, I would soon be typ­ing this under­wa­ter. For the past few days, or even weeks, the weather in Kuch­ing has been noth­ing but rain, rain, rain, and more rain.

If you have noticed the new weather plu­gin I’ve installed in the side­bar to the right, it has been show­ing the weather as either cloudy or rain­ing ever since I installed it. In real­ity, its no different.

Iron­i­cally, west Malaysia (not for­get­ting Aus­tralia, Indone­sia, Sin­ga­pore and var­i­ous parts of the world) is now suf­fer­ing from droughts which sparked bush fires, which leads to haze, poor vis­i­bil­ity, health prob­lems.. blah blah blah. And over here, the sky has been pour­ing the whole of the South China Sea on us.

Just last night, a cargo plane skid­ded off the run­way of Kuch­ing Inter­na­tional, caus­ing delays and retimed flights. Well, at least it has stopped rain­ing now, but the cumu­lonim­bus clouds ahead are bound to burst any­time now with the thun­der and light­ning going on.

On a side note, the server this site is hosted on did a roll­back or some­thing which caused the loss of two posts below. Luck­ily, I cached them and repost them quickly after that but the posted com­ments were gone. sigh.

by shenghan in General on 5th April, 2005 at 2pm, Tuesday, April 5th, 2005 02:40 pm GMT +8

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