Airbus A380 — The Maiden Flight

Just two hours ago, the super-mega-big-balled jumbo, Air­bus A380 made it’s maiden flight from Toulouse, France. I just watched it live, fly­ing across the Toulou­san sky and just wit­nessed the maiden land­ing of the A380 live via CNN. (I missed its take-off though)

For those of you who have been liv­ing in a cave for the past 5 years, the Air­bus A380 is a double-decked super­jumbo that could carry 555–800 pas­sangers, has a wingspan of 282 feet (78m) which is 51 feet longer than that of the Boe­ing 747. 8 double-decker buses could park along it and its inte­rior space is equal to that of 10 squash courts and its wingspan is as long as 70 parked cars. It is also known as the world’s largest pas­sen­ger air­craft. For more tech­ni­cal info on the plane, head to

The touch­down was just.. breath­tak­ing. The 420 tonne bird was vir­tu­ally hov­er­ing on approach, its wings gleam­ing majes­ti­cally under the Toulousean sun. At 1222 GMT, she touched the ground grace­fully like a feather. Fric­tion from the tyres cre­ated two gen­tle puffs of smoke. Every­thing went smoothly, as the flight engi­neer said, and any­one could tell that from the grace­ful landing.

Malaysia Air­lines being one of the first cus­tomers, had its logo sprayed on the body of the air­craft along with 15 oth­ers. MAS was even men­tioned a few times by the com­men­ta­tor on CNN.

I really cant wait to see the A380 in real life. Good news though, the cur­rent exten­sion project going on now at Kuch­ing Inter­na­tional is said to be able to acco­mo­date the A380. By the end of the decade, we can expect them to be in com­mon sight. Cheers, Air­bus and congratulations!

by shenghan in General, News on 27th April, 2005 at 9pm, Wednesday, April 27th, 2005 09:30 pm GMT +8


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  1. Autopilot said

    I piloted the thing — in the first sim­u­la­tor to be built — many times.

  2. H4RRY said

    MAS gonna buy it? I seri­ously doubt they will land it on Kuch­ing though. Looks like only for London-US route.

  3. ember said

    Autopi­lot, cool, I just read too that MAS is buy­ing the A380 flight sim­u­la­tor. It sure is fun pilot­ing that beast in the air :p

    H4RRY, yeah MAS bought six of these beau­ties. You may be right though that MAS wouldnt land em here in Kuch­ing. bah.

  4. Ashwin Nair said

    Hey guys, the LAE here..just wanna say that this lady is beau­ti­ful and she would no doubt beat the reign­ing Queen, the already majes­tic 747, and Mr. H4RRY, the air­craft would not only be used for us lon­don routes, but also any other route requir­ing it to fly over..the fuel tanks are twice as large as the 74’s so u can imag­ine the dis­tance cov­ered by this beau­ti­ful beast..

  5. ember said

    Ash­win Nair, does LAE stand for Licensed Air­craft Engi­neers or some­thing? For­give me if im wrong but yeah, she really is a beauty and damn, fuel tanks twice as large as 747’s? Wow.. amazing.

  6. eddmun said

    don’t the crew have like para­chutes on the maiden flight or something?

  7. ember said

    yeah, they had, heard them talk­ing about how are they using it in case of an emer­gency over CNN.