Version FOUR

Welp, our three-week brain-rotting exams are finally over. And its finally time to post MADLY!! :p So be fore­warned: long post ahead, read with cau­tion, patience, and.. blah, anything.

If you had noticed my site a cou­ple of days ago, it was unde­go­ing a redesign which makes it ver­sion FOUR. Yes, four, I made a mis­take ear­lier say­ing it was ver­sion 3. After some thought through its his­tory, this really is the fourth ver­sion of my site. Talk­ing about his­tory and since I have noth­ing more to write but I promised (sort of) that this will be a long post, so let’s take a look at the his­tory of this site now shall we?

Back in 2004, Decem­ber, to be exact, I thought of this wild idea of hav­ing my own web­site, or blog, where I could post my per­sonal stuff and works. Being a n00b at that time, I knew I needed web­space, so I went Googling for free web­hosts with good offers. I found 100WebSpace where they offer 100megs of space and other specs which I cant remem­ber. I reg­is­tered and imm­di­ately went learn­ing HTML, lol. I got myself a copy of Dreamweaver, and started cod­ing. Later I learned that Dreamweaver is a bad choice for begin­ners, but heck, I already got my site up and running.

I was inspired by friends hav­ing their own blog where they can post per­sonal jour­nals, have a port­fo­lio… At that time, I knew noth­ing of blog scripts like Word­Press, Mov­able­type, etc. So, I ‘typed’ out my own blog, with­out any script, just man­u­ally. :D Think­ing back on this fact really makes me laugh.

I made my first post on 17th of Decem­ber, 2004 on ver­sion 1 of my web­site. My web address at that time was unpro­fes­sion­ally called (you get redi­rected here if you go there now) and looks like this:

31st of Decem­ber 2004

Then on Christ­mas day, I met Stafa of through DeviantART and got to know each other through MSN Mes­sen­ger. When he knew my web­site was hosted for free on some ad-supported web­host, he was like, I could make you a sub­do­main, then host it for ya. Now, who could say no to that. :p So, on Christ­mas day, I shifted my web­site from to When he asked what blog­ging script I use, I actu­ally told him I typed every­thing man­u­ally. He was like, loool, why make life tough? Try using some blog­ging scripts. He installed Word­Press (1.2.1 at that time) and that was ver­sion 2 of my site. :D

Since then, life got much, much eas­ier. Word­Press truly is the best blog­ging soft­ware on earth. Here is how Ver­sion 2 looks like, spiced up with the Kubrick theme (not the default Word­Press theme at that time). I mod­i­fied its header, css and a cou­ple of other stuffs. The header by the way, is cropped from my Foton wall­pa­per set.

5th of Jan­u­ary 2005

Life goes on for two months until I finally got bored of Kubrick. It was March, and Word­Press 1.5 was released, with Kubrick as its default theme. Thou­sands of new blogs started pop­pin up around the net with Kubrick. I didnt want my site to look n00b (no offence to those Kubrick users out there) so I went search­ing for new themes just to make my blog look a lit­tle more dif­fer­ent that those Kubricks lay­ing out there. I found Mal­low and it was love at first sight.

Again, I couldnt use the theme with­out mod­i­fy­ing to my own color and taste so I ended up with the real ver­sion 3 of with the same color scheme but fea­tur­ing a dif­fer­ent theme!

9th of March 2005

Once again, after two months, its time for change. I fired up Pho­to­shop and whipped up a new ban­ner fol­lowed by a new color scheme to my blog. I wanted a new, limey-fresh feel to my blog instead of the old, dull dark blue. It is partly also because I was inspired by the Green Mari­nee theme which I just stum­bled upon on some­one else’s blog. I actu­ally took some col­ors from it (eg: hov­ers, and background).

After ages med­dling with CSS, I proud to say its now fin­ished. I wouldnt say its ‘100%’ done though, let’s just say its 99.9% done because I think, it will never be per­fect, con­tin­u­ous improve­ment is a must and the remain­ing 0.1% is what that is left that I must improve from time to time. I am most sat­is­fied as to how the com­ments page look now, with its hov­ers and col­ors (for CSS com­pli­ant browsers only). And of course of the over­all blog. This ver­sion of my blog is by far, my favourite, so it may stay like this for awhile :P

Another thing spe­cial about this ver­sion is that it now sup­ports Inter­net Explorer 6.0, Opera 8.0, Netscape 8.0 and of course Mozilla Fire­fox 1.0.4. IE users, sorry for the crappy lay­out on my site for the last few months, for­give me for being igno­rant but, I really didnt know it appeared bro­ken in IE as I only use Fire­fox. Now, it has come to my atten­tion that my web­site has to be tested on all browsers as pos­si­ble to make it avail­able to all. Safari users out there, please leave a com­ment if my blog doesnt appear cor­rectly on your browser, thanks.

Time now to hit the F5 button!

BEHOLD, VERSION FOUR!you are look­ing at it now


Ver­sion [4] of is com­ing! Check back for changes :D

Update #3: Tested suc­cess­fully on MSIE 6.0, Opera 8.0, Netscape 8.0, and of course, Mozilla Fire­fox 1.0.4. If it still looks bro­ken on your browser, do not hes­ti­tate to tell me about it.

Update #2: SWEEEEEEEET!! Now every­thing ren­ders fine in IE! Gosh, took me all day. This make the over­all progress about 90% done :D Oh, and don’t for­get to hit the F5 button!

Update #1: almost fin­ished.. Every­thing ren­ders fine with Mozilla Fire­fox 1.0.4. But, I’m still hav­ing prob­lems with the appear­ance in IE. Grrr.. this is killin me. Any ideas for the large space on top of this post? *fixed ;) (IE)

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  1. dannyFoo said

    Well done. :) Will look more for­ward to your pings into PPS later.


  2. ember said

    thanks mate :D