Darn It

First of all, sorry for the recent inac­tiv­ity of posts. I’m still here (obvi­ously) but I’ve real busy lately. You guessed it, school. The hol­i­days are long gone and its school now as usual. I got my exam papers back and yes, they sucked. Sucked real bad.

Well, I wouldnt want to start off my post rant­ing about my school results, so lets talk about games. I just got my copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the best gam­ing series of all time. After installing, it con­viniently ate up a whop­ping 4.68GB on my 40Gig HD. Ouch, 10% gone. Space prob­lem aside, I upgraded my sys­tem mem­ory just for this to 640MB, by replac­ing one of two 128MB sticks with a new 512MB stick. Thus, adding up to 640 megabytes of good­ness. Since then, my PC run much, much faster and lags were down to a minimum.

How­ever, my old-ass graph­ics card stayed the same, a Geforce2 MX with only 64MB of mem­ory. If you think that isn’t a prob­lem, think again. I got the game run­ning fine and smooth through the R* Logo, nVidia ad, cred­its until I reached the intro where every­thing started to lag like hell. Same goes with the actual game­play where I had barely 3-4fps. The solu­tion? Well, I had to dive in the dis­play set­tings (I won­der how many clicks does it take now to change them) and set it to a LOW. Only that could stop the lag­gi­ness but hell, the graph­ics looked like total CRAP now. Argh, the jagginess!

Sigh, I guess I’ll have to live with it and start play­ing. The mis­sions were great, except only a few hard ones which really got my nerves on pass­ing them alone. There are a lot of things to bother right now apart from the mis­sions, you now have to visit your gym reg­u­larly to keep in shape, gain some fat also to keep in shape, but too much wont do. Also, you’ll have girl­friends to take out, ter­ri­to­ries to defend and con­quer, and you can now buy new threads or get your­self a hair­cut and even swim. All of which increases the role of money in GTA and of course the fun.

The best part of GTA:SA is, no, not the cars, they suck, really. The best of it is that the map is H-U-G-E! San Andreas is a state with three (3) cities. Its com­plete with con­try­sides, high speed high­ways (where you actu­ally have trou­ble catch­ing up with the traf­fic), huge inter­sec­tions, mon­tains, desert, rivers, cliffs, tun­nels, oceans and more. A com­plex net­work of roads, high­ways and rail­road links the three cities. The road sys­tem is com­pli­cated and some­times mis­lead­ing but there are always road signs along high­ways to guide you along the way. You could spend a good 10 min­utes dri­ving cross-country to your des­ti­na­tion alone in a mis­sion. Screw up halfway by wast­ing your­self into a val­ley or down the cliff and you are back in the hos­pi­tal 200miles away.

So far, Ive only com­pleted 25% of the game because, like I said, my time is lim­ited. Because of the time spent on GTA, my time for chat­ting and brows­ing were kept to a min­i­mum. If that isnt bad enough, I plan on reduc­ing the time spent on my PC to catch up with my stud­ies. As a result, there will be few or no updates on this site and no new releases on deviantart except maybe the release of some pho­tos I took once in a while. Exams are dur­ing the end of July, so expect some inac­tiv­ity from now till then.

Ask any of my MSN Mes­sen­ger con­tacts, and lis­ten to them rant­ing about how i’m signed in as Away 24/7. But seri­ously though, who has the time to chat? Maybe for ask­ing about home­work or any­thing related to school work, but no one (at least me) would have the time to chat for leisure. You would think why i should even keep my PC on all day. The first rea­son is that: uh, well, i got some *top secret stuff* flow­ing through my router almost all the time. Sec­ondly, you know, the con­viniece of MSN Mes­sen­ger these days have even replaced tele­phones with them. For instance, it’s 11:59PM and you just remem­bered a bunch of Math home­work to be done but you have no idea which page the ques­tions are and you have to get up tomor­row by 6AM and be at school by 6:45AM. Instead of call­ing up your friend’s place (and prob­a­bly do so by wak­ing up his/her fam­ily), you’ll just rush to your PC and scan your list of any of those 5 class­mates who are online and ask them.

ME: dude
Friend: yeah?
ME: you remem­ber any math hw to be fin­ished?
Friend: OMG yea, wtf were you doin all day?
ME: shut up, just tell me were to do
Friend: hold on
Friend: Page 113. ques­tions 1)A-E 2)A-F 3)A-G 4) A-E then 5–10 (all)
ME: F**k..

LOL, why am I so poor in mak­ing up con­ver­sa­tions? That was not even half funny. But oh well, who said it was gonna be funny? Its just an exam­ple of what ive been talk­ing about and that hap­pens all the time :P Well, I guess that explains my MSN mes­sen­ger habits.

Talk­ing about MSN Mes­sen­ger, there a new craze called the ‘msnm 7 emoti­con craze’ if those 100×500 pics they place at the end of every sen­tence as emoti­cons could even be called ‘emoti­cons’. I mean, hell, whats the point of those huge, appar­ently ‘cute’, annoy­ing pics that takes ages to load and when they do, they’ll crawl all over your convo win­dow. And these things have been spread­ing like wild­fire because all you have to do to make it your own is by Right click > Add. SHHH..

And damn, talk­ing of all this reminds me of those god­damned winks in msnm7. They are soo freak­ing annoy­ing that i had to block two of my con­tacts who con­stantly shoot winks at me, like 10–20 of them in a row (you know who you are). Apart from the sound of a retarded kid bleh’ing at you that lit­er­ally cause you to jump out of your seat had your speaker vol­ume been adjusted to high, there are some winks that are just made up of just a fist curl­ing out into the most famous obscene fin­ger sign. A mood-booster espe­cially when you’re at the tip of your nerves.

So much for this post and lastly, excuse the typos, i saw a few up there when I scanned but im too lazy change any­thing now.

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