Bye bye Mallow, hello Aero

Okay, this revamp wasn’t planned. Nor do I have any rea­son why it had to be aero. Just got my ass –self free over the week­ends and got noth­ing bet­ter to do. Per­haps its because of the recent Win­dows Vista screen­shots craze plus my exams are over so hey, why not?

Any­way, about the theme, its based on the default Word­Press theme (Kubrick) and was mod­ded to bits using Pho­to­shop CS2, Notepad, and lots of nerves. :p But I’ve been doing lots of bug-squashing these two days and every­thing is pretty much in place for now. Except for one (at least) crawl­ing lit­tle prick left, if you have a good eye, its — er im not gonna tell you, it’ll just spoil the aero great­ness. but I hope I could get it squashed soon with maybe some pro­fes­sional help.

For those of you who doesnt know what is Aero, its what they call, the new Win­dows (Vista) user expe­ri­ence which has that transparent-glassy effect much like what you can see on my theme. Its not new, in fact, it has been around for months now.

Ouch! Its August now. Damn, how fast months fly.
Welp, so that makes it Ver­sion 5! Hope you like it. Reme­ber kids, hit F5.

by shenghan in Site on 1st August, 2005 at 12am, Monday, August 1st, 2005 12:04 am GMT +8

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