Yellow Day 7/8

Some­thing sen­sa­tional is going on at DeviantART at this very moment, because today is the 7th of August, which makes it the ‘Yel­low Day’.

The Day: Yel­low Day, August 7, 2005
The Idea: Every devi­a­tion has some­thing to do with the color Yel­low.
The Rea­son: To show our sup­port for Jark!

Well, ‘krash of deviantART came up with this bril­liant idea of the ‘yel­low day’ on August 7th, which is also deviantART’s 5th birth­day, to remem­ber $jark, the founder of the world’s largest art com­mu­nity, deviantART.

Why remem­ber him? Well, that’s the whole ques­tion. Here’s what we know (at least from what I’ve read and got to under­stand):

Five years ago, Scott Jarkoff (jark) and Matt Stevens (mat­teo) cre­ated deviantART. About a year into it Angelo (spyed), comes along and joined the team. Jark holds 45% of the com­pany, the rest is split between mat­teo and spyed and some others.

On Novem­ber 2004, jark real­izes he, for some rea­son, has lost 10% of his hold in the com­pany and wants it back.

tries to make him­self look like he started and cre­ated deviantART.

Hence, the yel­low day.

And for my 2 cents for the yel­low day, a, 10-minute jark-themed wall­pa­per for the community

We love you jark!

EDIT: browsed DA just now and saw this:

wow, just wow

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