Well, the piano results are out and I got 117.. out of 150. Not even merit, though just 3 frig­gin marks short. And dis­tinc­tion is now a thing of the past. Oh well, at least i didnt fail.. with only 17 marks away from fail­ing. No hard feel­ings, cos im not gonna take any­more frig­gin piano exams! Yay!

Just got back my result sheet and gosh, its so frig­gin hard to make out the exam­in­ers hand­writ­ing. But whos com­plain­ing? She’s gen­er­ous enough to pass me..

Click the above pic­ture for big­ger, and do try to make out what she wrote there in uh, hebrew? cuneiform? hiero­glyph? mar­tain? ‘Cos it’s sure as hell aint Eng­lish, I duno. Oh, and btw, gotta love my sight read­ing test marks :P

by shenghan in Life on 8th September, 2005 at 9pm, Thursday, September 8th, 2005 09:06 pm GMT +8

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