We scowled as our EST teacher strode into our class­room, her nose ever so high up in the air. Know­ing her tem­per, we returned to our seats imme­di­ately and sat there with­out a sound. Then she began han­dling out our EST papers. We skep­ti­cally scanned for mis­takes and true enough two sur­faced. Ques­tions 7 and 20. The lat­ter was cor­rected by teacher but the for­mer was left to rot. Almost every­one in class had done the same mis­take on ques­tion 7, which had an arti­cle and ques­tions based on the article:

7 From the text, the human ear:
A range of hear­ing is the same for every­one
B is sen­si­tive to the fre­quency between SQO and 8000 vibra­tions per sec
C is sen­si­tive to fre­quency changes for sounds of low fre­quency or low intensity

and parts of the article:

A change of vibra­tion fre­quency (pitch) cor­re­spond­ing to about 0.03 per­cent of the orig­i­nal fre­quency can be detected by the most sen­si­tive human ears in the range between 500 and 8000 vibra­tions per sec. The ear is less sen­si­tive to fre­quency changes for sounds of low fre­quency or low inten­sity.

Hav­ing failed to reach an agree­ment, we decided to pon­der option B instead. First of all, wtf is SQO?? Google told me it doesn’t exist. But when A and C is ruled out as the answer, we thought the remain­ing B could be the answer. So, we assumed SQO some­how means 500. We asked her what SQO meant. I don’t know, she barked back, with­out hes­i­tat­ing. What?? You don’t know?! You as an EST teacher who even set these ques­tions and you don’t know what you set?? Amaz­ing. The class wasn’t sat­is­fied. Every­one turned into lawyers, ques­tion­ing the guilty.

In the end, our teacher got back to her grounds by say­ing You can’t choose an answer that isn’t correct.

* Edit: (Added Jan­u­ary 08, 2006) Sorry, incom­pleted post here, wasn’t even sup­posed to appear here (as I did mark it as a ‘Pri­vate’ post..) any­way it was writ­ten out of frus­tra­tion for get­ting a B for my EST (and not an A even though I deserved it if it wasn’t for those silly mark­ing mis­takes) but that was last year and that teacher is long gone ‘cos she ain’t teach­ing us any­more! Heck, she isn’t even in the morn­ing ses­sion now. So let’s just leave it here.

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