Airbus A380 in KLIA!

Our flight touched down on KLIA at around 8:45p.m (pfft.. delays). As our plane tax­ied towards the ter­mi­nal, I began scan­ning the mas­sive air­port for the big bird, the Air­bus A380 which had made its maiden test flight to KLIA that day. Night has already fallen and it was rain­ing heav­ily before we touched down so it was dark and wet. A cou­ple of min­utes into the search and I found it, sit­ting there in all it’s glory, parked majes­ti­cally on the satelite build­ing, white, fat, flash­ing lights all around it.

My sis­ter and I was so excited at the sight of it as I began snap­ping shots of it. I think the whole plane was look­ing at both of us, unaware what the hell are we excited about. After we came down the plane, I took some shots from the ter­mi­nal build­ing, which was quite a dis­tance from the satelite build­ing, but no wor­ries, the A380 was big enough to be seen even from far:

I know it looks a bit blur ‘cos I couldn’t get a sta­ble stand for the cam­era. Any­way, my aunt who was sup­posed to pick us up took the trou­ble to take us to the view­ing gallery of the air­port to see more of that bird. Isn’t it just damn nice?

So.. here I am, in KL once again, after a year. Sigh. The weather doesn’t look good at all, thun­der and all that. Time to go offline.

by shenghan in General, News on 18th November, 2005 at 2pm, Friday, November 18th, 2005 02:21 pm GMT +8


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  1. Fairul said

    i was there from the time A380 landed, dis­play to VIP and
    anway..always nice to see another pic of A380 from other side of KLIA.thx
    whcih part of KCH ur from..
    im from Petra Jaya..

  2. Fairul said

    It was rain­ing when u landed right?
    o..ok..ur from Pen­ris­sen Area..
    u have a cool site.

  3. wying said

    kek tiok la..
    takes all the pics and kek me..

    any­way, enjoy ur days in Gay Al.

  4. ember said

    Hehehe, ‘cak­ing’ peo­ple is my spe­cial­ity :p

  5. Hazeeq said

    its so cool taht a380 is in klia