Leehom Promo Tour 2006

I’m not a fan of this, nor do I lis­ten to his songs but my friends had some free tick­ets so what hell.. might as well go have some fun. So there we were, speed­ing through the slight driz­zle to catch Lee­hom live in the MBKS Indoor Sta­dium in Pending.

The trip to the venue took what that felt like 30 min­utes as it was located far from where most of us were stay­ing. Unsupris­ingly, a mas­sive jam and a large crowd made up of 90% GIRLS greeted us there. The sta­dium was fairly large, and was already packed full with fans and sup­port­ers alike as we made our way through.

Wying and PS dashed into the sta­dium in hope to grab some places in front of the stage where they later bragged about their 2-metre-away-from-the-stage view of Lee­hom. The remain­der of us (who weren’t both­ered to stand before the stage) made our way all the way to the back of the sta­dium directly in front of the stage. (Think: cin­ema back­seats) Ah, the view..

Any­way, we had to wait a full 40 min­utes for Lee­hom to appear in a cloud of dry ice, flash­ing strobes and throat­less scream­ing girls, deliv­er­ing his first song which title I can’t recall.. heh. I did try to snap some pic­tures of him but you can’t expect much from where we’re sitting.

Yeah, that’s the best I’ve got. Shame, really, blurry, dark, small.. XD Shaky stand, dig­i­tal zoom, poor light con­di­tion and lack of inter­est. Blame all that.

I won’t go into the details but his songs were pretty good, although he only per­formed four songs that night. Though I would say Justin Tim­ber­lake could dance bet­ter. *hides*

Any­way after gen­er­ously per­form­ing four of his songs, it was the auto­graph ses­sion which took as long as it could. Thou­sands of girls lined up, each clutch­ing a copy of his album, anx­ious to get close up with the star and have their albums signed.

At around 10pm, we had some drinks at MJC, where James and Alvin had their din­ner and later headed home, exhausted.

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