End of Our Reign

It was filled with emo­tions, joy, relief, and per­haps sad­ness. A ring of the school bell marked the end of the recess like any other school day. But it was not any other school day. Rather, it was the last day of offi­cial duty for the pre­fects. I gave a last glance around the school car park com­pound, the area which I was assigned to, before leav­ing, a cou­ple of pre­fects in my area gath­ered where we cheered for the end of our duties. I shook the hands of my junior, Fran­cis and wished him good luck, where he replied with an affirm­ing nod. After which, I gave a reas­sur­ing pat on the back to my successor.

The atmos­phere was of joy, but I felt heavy in a cor­ner of my heart, hav­ing given up these respon­si­bil­i­ties bestowed upon me more than a year ago. I must admit though, I enjoyed being a pre­fect. Well, I’d rather not embark on a ‘what-have-the-prefects-been-doing-all-year-long’ post and just make this short. Need­less to say, it was a great year. The EXCO had been fun, not to men­tion other pre­fects in the pre­fec­to­r­ial board.

I would also like to express my grat­i­tude to our Pre­fec­to­r­ial Board’s Advi­sor, Mdm. Dora. Ever since she was appointed as the new advi­sor to the pre­fec­to­r­ial board this year, the board has seen numer­ous changes for the bet­ter. Namely, she intro­duced a more for­mal way of hav­ing the EXCO meet­ing every two weeks, com­plete with an agenda for every meet­ing and proper reports from the head pre­fects and zone heads. Although some of the EXCO were com­plain­ing about the new for­mal­ity of the meet­ings, but I saw this change as a chance to gain expe­ri­ence in attend­ing such meet­ings when we enter the job-world.

Also, it was always fun to have her around, be it meet­ings or just dis­cus­sions, there was always room for jokes and laughs. A ded­i­cated and seri­ous teacher she is, would always make sure things get done and prob­lems gets solved. She was also the one teacher that would fight for the pre­fects’ ben­e­fit even if it means yelling at the school prin­ci­pal. Yet, she would also appre­ci­ate our efforts by giv­ing heart­felt thank-you speeches in the board room. That said, it has been a great joy under you, Mdm. Dora. You rock!:

And uh, here’s the new wannabe foot­ball team of our school in sup­port of Eng­land. GO ENGGLAAND! Oh right, they are already back home, watch­ing the rest of the world cup through glass boxes in their liv­ing room. Go France then? What­ever. But really, we took this photo on the last day of our duties, already out of our pre­fect uni­forms. Say, who is that strik­ingly hand­some dude in a red tie? Wuahahaha!

The offi­cial cer­e­mony of the hand­ing over of the pre­fec­to­r­ial board duties to the incom­ing pre­fects (whew, that was long) was just last tues­day. Frankly, it was rather..lame. But who cares, we’re free of duties now, and that’s more than worth to be happy for. Boy, I cant even remem­ber how it feels like to be free dur­ing recess.

Well, I would end this post by thank­ing those who have made my days as a pre­fect a great expe­ri­ence. You know who you are. And to the incom­ing board, the best of luck to you all!

EXCO’s show­ing off certs after the pre­fects’ camp:

Me and Sie how laz­ing around dur­ing the prefect’s camp:

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  1. hong said

    doh! hand­some dude pulak.…only u wear­ing red tie that time,a bit weird,HAHHAHA.…1st time leave com­ment for u ooo…HAHHAHA.…

  2. ember said

    of course hand­some lah XD HAHAHA..cool guys should always stand out.. XD haha, good!