OOhhh.. It’s a mir­a­cle. It’s a mir­a­cle! It’s A MIRACLE!! NO, really. The fact that you’re read­ing this now is a god-damned mir­a­cle! That, of course, means that the bits and bytes of this post finally got through those dam­aged Asia Pacific sub­ma­rine cables. Let’s not get reaally tech­ni­cal about it but the recent slow­down has made achiev­ing any­thing on the inter­net, a miracle.

Yes, receiv­ing a reply on an instant mes­sage you sent 20 min­utes ago is a mir­a­cle. Heck, even suc­cess­fully sign­ing into Win­dows Live Mes­sen­ger is a mir­a­cle. Yeah well, I bet every­one is going through this any­way so you’ll know pretty much what I’m try­ing to get across.

So, sorry for that rather short post down there which was done in a rush. Most of you would have known know, that I went to KL on the 17th of Decem­ber despite the fact that I was going around declar­ing that I won’t be return­ing to West M’sia this hol­i­days. And yeah, I’m back in Kuch­ing now, after 13 days.

KL was fun, as always. I made my very first trip to Sungei Wang this time. Yeah, seri­ously. Every Kuch­ing­nite who had been to KL had at least stepped foot in that mall except, me. We walked there after vis­it­ing my aunt’s office which was just a few blocks away from Lot 10 and Sungei Wang.

A word of warn­ing though if you’re plan­ning a trip there — wear your very best! Enter­ing the Sungei Wang crowd in noth­ing but Khaki pants, your school pre­fect camp tee and your san­dals could cause psy­cho­log­i­cal stress through­out the course of your shop­ping at Sungei Wang, unless you’d wanna earn some unwanted atten­tion to your dress­ing, ‘cos that’s what I did and I swear I was the most ‘out’ per­son walk­ing around the mall. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. XD

Oh yeah, I betcha’ didn’t know that ice-skating is addic­tive! It was my sec­ond time though (I skated once a few years ago, couldn’t remem­ber when) in none other than the Sun­way Pyra­mid mall. Even though it was my sec­ond time, I, no — we (sis­ter and cousins) hadn’t the slight­est idea of know­ing how to skate. So we spent a bet­ter half of the day before prac­tis­ing in roller skates around my aunt’s house. XD So the next day with par­tially sore feet, we stormed to the ice rink at Sun­way Pyramid.

It only took about 1 hour to get the feel of it and before we were skat­ing along­side the pros. Wua­haha! And then we spent the next three hours rac­ing around while per­fect­ing our ice skat­ing skills and stunts. =P

Ice-skating for three hours does has it’s side effects though, apart from addic­tion. I woke up the next morn­ing walk­ing like a pen­guin with my mind still drift­ing on the ice rink. XD And not to men­tion my sore, throb­bing feet! Ah, but it’s all worth it. The feel­ing of skat­ing through the icy wind at high speed and over­tak­ing all the rook­ies is one that I’ll be look­ing for­ward for next year. XD

There are lot’s more to blog but I’m afraid time doesn’t allow. Also, pho­tos have to wait, if they will ever come.

So I’m finally back here again and I’ll be going again next mon­day (2 days later) for National Ser­vice at Kem Pun­cak Per­mai, Bau. As such, this blog is going to be, once again, inac­tive. Unless we do get to come home on week­ends. Let’s just hope that comes true. Any­way for those who had not known, the first batch of NS I’m in will start at 1st of Jan­u­ary till 11th of March, so don’t expect to see much posts within that time. But please, do check back here once awhile in case we do get to come home on week­ends where I shall be post­ing updates on the camp.

Other than that, it’s good bye and happy new year to every­one out there!

by shenghan in General, Life on 31st December, 2006 at 12am, Sunday, December 31st, 2006 12:05 am GMT +8

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  1. May said

    Ice skat­ing? Don’t remind me of that night­mare. Xp And yeah, the wak­ing up sore all over part was the worst. Espe­cially if you have to tackle quite a few more shop­ping malls in the next few days. You get the idea, lol.