Popping in

Aha! I bet no one would expect me to post some­thing up here this early right? Yes, Sir For­get­ful, I’m cur­rently still at National Ser­vice. ..and that’s where I hear you ask how the hell am I writ­ing this.

So, here’s the story: We wanted to reg­is­ter some­thing that has to do with the Unit Pengam­bi­lan Uni­ver­siti (UPU) that has some­thing to do with get­ting diploma courses at local uni­ver­si­ties. So those who wanted to regsiter in our camp were fer­ried out to Kuch­ing, Wisma Satok, specif­i­cally, in four buses (over a hun­dred trainees) to use the cyber café’s here to reg­is­ter online. Now I’ve never heard of UPU in my school life or even within our friends so we just thought we’d take a shot and reg­is­ter. God knows when we reached Wisma Satok after a 30 minute drive from Bau, our Jurulatih’s told us that we had to have our pin num­bers ready (pur­chased from BSN — which are closed on Saturdays).

Long story short, no pin num­bers ready, no reg­is­ter­ing. Some of us went shop­ping but some of us went in the cyber café any­way so here I am. Well, I just paid RM1.50 for one hour usage of the inter­net, so I dont really have much time to bab­ble here.

It is indeed a rare chance for us to leave the camp, not to men­tion use the inter­net! Any­way, par­don my gram­mer as I am in a rush to fin­ish this as fast as possible.

The camp is all good. I can’t be both­ered to think of a sum­mary of activ­i­ties we’ve had for the past 40 days, yes, forty. Time flies here, with­out know­ing it, we’re already halfway through the 70 days of National Ser­vice! Woohoo. Okay, things here are going on just fine, in other words, it’s been fun being here.

Tomor­row, the 11th of Feb­ru­ary, will be our camp’s open day. And my camp’s Kem Pun­cak Per­mai, Bau, in case you suf­fered from mem­ory loss. Feel free to come as the camp is open to the gen­eral pub­lic once in a batch (3 months). A rare chance for you to see National Ser­vice camp life, not to man­tion a chance to meet me in shaved hair. XD Also, I will be involved in the choral speak­ing and sign lan­guage per­for­mance that day. Other activ­i­ties held tomor­row would also be the obsta­cle course demo, fly­ing fox demo, raft­ing demo, kayak­ing demo and var­i­ous danc­ing and tal­ent performances.

Okay, time to gather. I’ve only have a mere 7 min­utes left. Till next time, wish me luck in the next 30 days of National Service.

by shenghan in Uncategorized on 10th February, 2007 at 3pm, Saturday, February 10th, 2007 03:43 pm GMT +8

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