Questioning the Void

Life’s so short.

8 hours ago, my neigh­bour drew his last breath.

It was so fast. He was diag­nosed with can­cer only a few months ago. He left his wife and two daugh­ters to fend for them­selves. They were such good chaps, such help­ful neigh­bours, such nice peo­ple, why on earth do they deserve this..?

Why..just why..?

by shenghan in Life on 8th April, 2007 at 8pm, Sunday, April 8th, 2007 08:45 pm GMT +8


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  1. Wying said

    i’m so sorry..
    i’ve been thru that too..
    2 years ago, my uncle, came to kch for med­ical treat­ment..
    (bcos of can­cer, too)
    just few weeks..
    then he’s gone forever..

    may he rest in peace..

  2. Hui Ting from Kay Eal said

    Take it easy.…..Facing death is a part of life. It’s dif­fi­cult at first. But even­tu­ally it will be better.

    Life goes on, man.

  3. jixing said

    That is why it is so impor­tant for us to treat each day as a gift from GOD. Today is the PRESENT where we can cher­ish and enjoy the sim­ple plea­sures of life with our loved ones, our fam­ily and friends. Every­thing begins with the fam­ily. Take care of our fam­ily members,never take them for granted. Be more car­ing. Be more help­ful. Be more con­sid­er­ate. Be more tol­er­ant. Be hum­ble. Do what­ever we can for them, while they are still around us. No use lament­ing and be remorse­ful when sud­denly they are gone. Before you know it, the good­bye in the morn­ing could be the last that you will ever say to him or her for he or she will never ever return…