Spanking New Phone!


It’s about damn time! XD

Gone are those hum­ble Nokia 3310 days, for I’m now a happy new Sony Eric­s­son W810i user!

black + orange = yay!

It all started one day out of the blue. Mum asked if 600 bucks is enough for a new phone for me. Too lost on any hope that I would get myself a new phone any­time soon, I stood there try­ing to recall any phone prices I may have even glanced past dur­ing my recent mall vis­its. But to no avail, I had no idea.

I gave nei­ther a ‘Yay! that’s more than enough’ or a ‘What? that could only get me another 3310′ reply, and spend the next few days scour­ing through phone web­sites and forums.

My dad already a proud owner of the K750i, I made a point to pri­ori­tise searches for Sony Eric­s­son made phones, par­tic­u­larly the Walk­man series, for their superb cam­era and audio qual­ity, design and kick-ass inter­face. So, I ended up with the W700 in my sights, cost­ing about 600–650 bucks.

It was only last Sat­ur­day that we went to Saberkas and looked for the W700. Although cheap, ele­gant and packed also full of fea­tures, the W700 comes with only a 256MB stick instead of 512MB on the W810i, it’s 2MP cam­era lacks an aut­o­fo­cus, and it’s not as styl­ish as the W810, but wasn’t that picky on the latter.

In the end, dad decided to get the W810i for me, which was 200 bucks over the bud­get. But its-soou-damn-slick! XD

Thanks mum and dad, you guys are the great­est par­ents on earth. Not just merely for get­ting my a new phone of course. It’s for every­thing. I’ll promise i’ll be the best son on earth. :P

And so we headed home with me grin­ning to the edge of my ears and mum with her ‘bet­ter lis­ten to us from now on’ reminders. XD Oh, and also with my sis all over­flow­ing with envy and jeal­ousy. *evil grin* Wuahaha!

Down­sides though, no more half-hearted han­dling of hand­phones. Which meant no more slid­ing phones across the table or flip­ping them into the air. Ah, all the stunts I used to do with my 3310.. That brick phone could kill some­one, you just have to aim and throw hard! XD

But what the hell, I’m bet­ter off with a walk­man than a stunt phone!

We’ll let the pho­tos speak shall we? Yes, I’m show­ing off. :P Who doesn’t with a SE Walk­man phone any­way? XD

unlike the K750i, it’s well-spaced-out key­pad makes SMS­ing a breeze


..and it has a sexy rear too XD

shine, baby shine!

it looks kinda big, but rest assured it’s pretty lightweight

Not for­get­ting my 3310, which has served me ever so dis­ap­point­ingly–faith­fully over the last 2 years. It’s now on it’s way to Cen­tral Jawa, Indone­sia. As odd as that may sound, it’s because my mom gave it to my maid, who headed back to her coun­try last Sun­day. Here’s a pic of it: XD

bon voyage!

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  1. nicktay said

    ooohhhh nice phone

  2. ember said

    Yeah, its meant to be. :p

  3. Wei Fan said


  4. Wei Xuan said

    so cool!! have a new handphone!!

  5. Wei Xuan said

  6. Wei Xuan said

  7. wying said

    aiyo aiyo sheng han ah..
    why did u send ur 3310 away??
    wont miss her ah?
    had been with you for 2 years liao wo..
    how could you.. how could you..
    what about those mem­o­ries with her..
    so pre­cious.. sob.. (LOL!)
    any­way, ur new phone is cool! XD

  8. ember said

    lol..2 ago­niz­ing years you mean. XD No, I don’t miss it. The only thing I miss is mak­ing fun of it (think: the 12 megapixel phone XD)

  9. eiChi said

    hey~! cool blog! :) doing design as well?

  10. ember said

    hey thanks. XD not really into the field but yeah, i designed this blog. :p

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