Ring around the sun!

At around 1150hours today, about an hour ago, my sis received a mes­sage from her friend telling her to head out­side and look upon the mid­day sky. She grabbed my W810i and snapped a few pic­tures kinda like the few one’s we see below.

For obvi­ous rea­sons, you can’t see the sun. It’s pretty much at the cen­ter of the ring. And there’s this glow­ing ring with rain­bow colours all around.

I’m not sure what this phe­nom­ena is called, but it’s pretty damn cool. Too bad I didn’t get to see the real thing though. We were halfway through three ago­niz­ing peri­ods of chem­istry that time.

When I reached home, Dad and sis were ani­mat­edly talk­ing about what they saw ear­lier. I grabbed my phone, looked through the pics, down­loaded them into my pc and here I am. XD

I don’t know, maybe it’s a sign for all Kuch­ing­nites to get lucky? :p

Edit: Well as pointed out by Edrei in the com­ments, it’s caused by ice crys­tals form­ing in cir­rus clouds waay high up in the sky. It’s amus­ing what merely ice crys­tals could do, when they cause such a ruckus in town. XD At least four local dailies are hav­ing this as news on their front­page, and it has been the talk of the town. I mean, every­where you go it’s like ‘Hey, did you see the ring around the sun yesterday?’

Makes me pon­der how com­mon and con­nected every­one is, when we’re all just under one sky. XD


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by shenghan in General, Happenings on 22nd June, 2007 at 1pm, Friday, June 22nd, 2007 01:29 pm GMT +8


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  1. Edrei said

    Well the ring around the sun is usu­ally caused by ice crys­tals form­ing in the high cir­rus clouds. That can usu­ally mean one thing, rain’s in the way.

  2. ember said

    Well duh! That didn’t occur to me at all! I mean, it’s so obvi­ous, you can even see those cir­rus clouds in the pics. XD

    By the way, it did rain. XD

  3. May said

    Just the sum­mer sol­stice. Easy expla­na­tion. XD

  4. ember said

    May, not really. :\ Sum­mer sol­stice doesn’t affect ice crys­tals in the clouds. But it’s a freak­ing coin­ci­dence though.

  5. Hui Ting from Kay Eal said

    I saw the frig­ging ring on the papers. Must be a scene at your place.