Very, very fine Italian Cuisine

That other day, I sug­gested for dad to take us to Bella Italia for our usual Sat­ur­day night-out din­ner. What do you know, he instantly recalled that ital­ian restau­rant, ‘The one in Kenny Sia’s blog ah?’

Even my sis knew about it. Gee, who doesn’t read these days?

Any­way, we got our­selves seated in a pretty deserted yet cozy restau­rant sit­u­ated at the back row of BDC’s RH Plaza. The inte­rior décor is fan­tas­tic, dim light­ing, numer­ous ital­ian paint­ings, and walls draped with colours of the ital­ian flag. Heck, even the waiter and wait­ress are ital­ians by the looks of it.

Bella Italia @ RH Plaza, Kuching.

I guess you can’t wait till I talk about the food. XD Well, nei­ther can I. :p

I got myself a plate of Fet­tuc­cine Alfredo, which is noo­dles with ham and cream. At least that was how it was explained in the menu.

the fet­tuc­cine alfredo. King of creams.

But when it arrived fresh from the kitchen. Oh boy. It’s super appe­tiz­ing creamy smell began to fill my nos­trils. And when you eat it. Damn, it’s soou good I think I’m gonna migrate to Italy for the rest of my life.

I mean, it’s oh-so-damn-creamy. I think they must’ve emp­tied two bot­tles of full cream milk and three bars of Anchor but­ter in that dish alone. Heck, I can even feel the fat build­ing up on my tummy with all that cream.

Okey, maybe not the fat-building part. But my sis called a Fet­tuc­c­cine alla Car­bonara, which is also pretty much the same thing, except her dish is topped with beef. She got so sick of the creamy smell she couldn’t fin­ish. Dad had the plea­sure of fin­ish­ing it though. XD

Sis’s fet­tuc­cine alla carbonara.

And kiasu old me gob­bled up every­thing in my plate. Even lick­ing my spoon of cream squeaky-clean.

Dad ordered a Fre­silli Bolog­nese. Which is pasta in tomato sauce plus some other stuff I can’t recall. It was okey. But it sure did beat the spaghetti bolog­nese I had in Secret Recipe hands down. The food here really makes Secret Recipe look bad. Luck­ily they don’t serve cheese cakes. :\

dad’s fre­silli bolognese.

As kenny sia said, this place is pretty under appre­ci­ated. Other than us that night, there were only two other tables occu­pied. And if it wasn’t for kenny sia, I wouldn’t have known this fine restaurant.

The only other time I had tasted such good ital­ian cui­sine was in Damansara Utama’s Euro Deli. I would say that it is on par with Euro Deli, if not bet­ter. But Bella Italia’s serv­ing por­tion is rather gen­er­ous, com­pared to Euro Deli.

At any time, I’m glad that Kuch­ing has it’s own fine ital­ian cui­sine restau­rant. And if any­one is look­ing for ital­ian food in Kuch­ing, be sure not the miss Bella Italia.

Make sure you get some­one to treat you though. XD


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  1. May said

    IF I could stand cheese the way you could, I bet I’d be bank­rupt by now. Hehe.
    For­tu­nately, I can only tahan as much as your sis can, I sup­pose. Cheese does get one sick after a while. Too rich.

    Or maybe I’m just lactose-intolerant. WOW, I actu­ally learnt sth from Polin’s EST. XD EST, my favourite sub­ject. Ahhhh~

  2. ember said

    Heh, cheese. Good but never too much eh? XD

    LOL. I learnt noth­ing from her teach­ing. XD Then again, it’s because i never lis­ten. But when it comes to debat­ing the valid­ity of exam ques­tions, now that’s another story. XD (you know how EST papers are always rid­den with lame, con­fus­ing questions)

  3. i always make sure that i got a hotel reser­va­tion at least 1 week in advance to ensure that i got a reservation *’*