In all that fate has to offer.

There’s some­thing about SMK Batu Lin­tang and me being a stu­dent there.

It seems fate has it that I never get to stay on study­ing there every time I step in.

When I enrolled myself as a Form one stu­dent at SMKBL five years ago, lit­tle did I know that I would trans­fer to another school a year later.

So I left SMKBL and all my mem­o­ries of my form one year behind. I’m say­ing so because it was a mem­o­rable year and I still regard it is as the best year of school life I’ve ever had. In fact, I spent the next few years miss­ing the life and cir­cle of friends I had when I was in SMKBL. I always thought I would be bet­ter off stay­ing behind.

Who knows for sure. But there were no regrets trans­fer­ring away. For Jalan Arang turned out not bad either. After all, you can’t com­pare a town school it’s sub­ur­ban counterpart.

In all that fate has to offer, I’m leav­ing SMKBL again. This time after start­ing form six there for a mere one and a half months.

And once again I’m feel­ing this vague uneasi­ness, hav­ing the fact that I have to leave my friends behind again. Classes were fun jok­ing and chat­ting around with friends. But the form 6 sub­jects them­selves were another story. Other than that, it’s more or less like the old days. Though not really up to it.

Jack­son, that lucky ass left for the teach­ers’ train­ing col­lege. Ah hog is still won­der­ing if he is going for his Matang Poly­tech­nic offer. Ah Soon and me on the other hand, is leav­ing for Swinburne.

Three other gals also went for their teach­ers’ train­ing col­lege offer. Another went off to do Account­ing. And Mohd. Sobri, another lucky ass, went for his Yayasan TNB schol­ar­ship foun­da­tions at Sun­way College.

Evi­dently, everyone’s desert­ing that class of ours.

Last Fri­day was Jackson’s last day. Today was my last. Seng siang and sie how, the only two within our gang stay­ing back, took cam­eras for a shot to remem­ber the time we had together as friends:

Oh well, imma run through the shower. Smell like edu­ca­tion. XD

Edit: LOL. Just realised I look damn nerdy in that photo! HAHAHA! =P

by shenghan in School on 2nd July, 2007 at 2pm, Monday, July 2nd, 2007 02:58 pm GMT +8

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