It’s here!

Yay! Look what yours truly just received. XD

Actu­ally this is an out­dated post. Our new Dell arrived the day before yes­ter­day on the 3rd of August. Three days earlier-yes, ear­lier than the Dell Esti­mated Deliv­ery Date! Now that’s what I call a speedy deliv­ery! XD

It was only five days ago we scram­bled to order the Dell insp­iron 1520 online. And now I’m typ­ing this very post with that spanky new lap­top. =P

So back to the box that fri­day night, myself, armed with a pair of scis­sors and a cam­era began cut­ting off the seal with my mom and sis look­ing on.

With the box’s four flaps opened, the huge let­ter­ings ‘Made In China’ greeted me. And I went, uh.. But that turned out to be the lap­top bag, heh. =P

Below the bag though, was a promis­ing white box with this time, huge let­ter­ings of the insp­iron brand.

But again, it turned out not the lap­top, but the pack­ag­ing of cables and man­u­als. Agh! Those Dell pack­ag­ing guys sure know how to tease. XD

Then unmis­tak­ably, it was a poly­strene con­tainer at the very bot­tom of the box which should house the lap­top. To illus­trate the sus­pense, my sis didn’t know which of the 8 colours we chose for this order. (No, she doesn’t read my blog. XD)

So I sorta hummed the tadaa tune when I poked my fin­ger into a hole to lift the poly­strene con­tainer out..

And to the amaze­ment of our bloody nos­trils, the bloody lap­top was placed faced down! Talk about teas­ing!? XD And that was when my sis non­cha­lantly uttered, ‘black..’

I took it out and flipped it over all­right. It was a lap­top with a black matte finish.

Our baby took it’s first expo­sure of the real world.

..And the next sec­ond it yanked it’s mouth open and made it’s first cry!

Waaaaaa.. XD

So I prep’ed it for it’s very first boot.

Plugged in the adapter and then emu­lated those min­is­ters launch­ing a huge func­tion by press­ing a but­ton pose. And the insp­iron hummed into life and booted into Vista.

And that was two days ago. Vista’s Aero expe­ri­ence sure is some eye candy. Although func­tion­al­ity and com­patitibil­ity wise we’ve had numer­ous prob­lems, but who cares about that now.

More pic­tures, any­one? XD

Click here!


the other side

the keys and branding.

rear view.

front view.

the keyboard..and mouse.

the Dell insp­iron 1520 vs. the Apple iBook G4

the DVD Combo drive.

One thing though, we were a tad bit dis­ap­pointed at how the black turned out. Other colours could have fared bet­ter. Just a word of advise for those you still scratch­ing your heads over the colours.

Other than that, its a very pow­er­ful lap­top. Nor­mal win­dows usage (brows­ing, word pro­cess­ing) is vir­tu­ally lag-free. Bat­tery life seems to be OK. Speedy Wi-Fi con­nec­tion. Vivid dis­play. And the speak­ers were heaps bet­ter than the one’s my old Sony Vaio had. But of course, they still wouldn’t match those Sonic Gear boxes my desk­top has.

To sum it up, it’s def­i­nitely a worth buy! =P

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  1. kiam said

    u opened it upside down.… no?

  2. ember said

    lol I don’t think so.. does the first pic look like its upside down? But it’s only log­i­cal that the lap­top is placed at the very bot­tom — if you take the cen­ter of grav­ity of the box into account.

    They wouldn’t want top­pling boxes of dell lap­tops in the fac­tory would they? =P

  3. kiam said

    i think i see it more clearly on the 2nd pic… where u see the sym­bol with the arrow point­ing up…

  4. Hui Ting said

    Cool PC. Lucky dude.

  5. ember said

    kiam, yeap. spot­ted that too XD

    hui ting, thanks! =)