How often you get to be a laughing stock?

They say, a pic­ture speaks a thou­sand words. This par­tic­u­lar one speaks of how absent-minded one could be in the midst of uni­ver­sity life.

Photo cour­tesy of ah soon photography.

After class hours and a exhausted mind could do won­ders. XD

by shenghan in Happenings, Life, Varsity on 8th September, 2007 at 1am, Saturday, September 8th, 2007 01:26 am GMT +8


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  1. jEsLyn said

    Wow.…drive with a bot­tle on ur top of the car.…cool man

  2. KiAm said

    nya­ha­ha­ha­haa.….. ANTENNA!! big.. fat… green… ANTENNA!!

    to phone home maybe?? *hint: E.. T… phone… home…*

  3. ember said

    @jeslyn, Cool le.. =P wanna show off my bot­tle ma..try find another per­son in swin­burne using that bot­tle.. XD

    @Kiam. HAHA! heck you still remem­ber that movie?!?! you know, kiam. All the while you were try­ing to tell me abt that green thingy *i left* on the roof of my car, I thought you were being friend­lier than usual to see me go.. XD

    ..and then when i saw ah soon walk­ing towards me with his w850i cam out, the truth sud­denly struck me..=P but ’twas too late, i’d already became the laugh­ing stock of the whole street. XD

    oh boy, its still funny when i think of it now..bwahaha! XD

  4. Anonymous said

    Smile, you’re on can­did camera!

  5. ember said

    Oh, I sure was! =D

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