Of bloggers and gatherings!

Whew! Just man­aged to com­pile, edit, resize and tag a whole bloody bunch of pho­tos of this afternoon’s event — the CatsC­ity Clique! It was held at the first and only (at the moment) Star­bucks Cof­fee out­let in Kuch­ing, at the Kuch­ing Inter­na­tional Air­port. Head for my pre­vi­ous post for details on the event! =D

So I headed out at 1pm and bloody waited for ah piaw (retro­may­day) for about half an hour (we swore to make him treat us the most costly item on the Star­bucks menu after that. XD) before fetch­ing kiam and zoom­ing to the air­port in my trusty Saga with the “fuel warn­ing” light hap­pily blinking.

When we reached KIA, it was already 2pm plus. We parked and made our way to the depar­ture level, where Star­bucks is tucked away in a corner.

The fol­low­ing pics are taken by me unless of course, men­tioned. Pics tagged with my URL are taken with my w810i. Pics tagged with kiam’s URL are taken with his N73. (I used his N73 to snap around through­out the event. XD)

There were already quite a few blog­gers chat­ting around when Jimmy helped us register.

ah piaw registering

We were given our promised free­bies, two advertlets.com badges.

Plus wrist­bands, to iden­tify our­selves as par­tic­i­pants of the event. Those wrists were mine, kiam’s, piaw’s and billy’s. I’m lucky num­ber 37! =D

kiam sign­ing on his blog add.

We then made our way over to the auto­graph poster and signed away.

Piaw and me signed on too.

After sign­ing, we wan­dered around, try­ing to fig­ure out who is who and occa­sion­ally, get­ting to know them.

peo­ple start­ing to fill up the place

piaw and kiam seated and with his psp.

We made it there rather early, fear­ing there won’t be enough seats. But it took some time before many blog­gers showed up. So we took our seats.

At that moment, eichi arrived and ran over to our table. It was my first time meet­ing her. She didn’t take long to recog­nise me too. XD

When enough peo­ple arrived, the tables were arranged to get the trivia games going.

That’s when we quickly took our seats and joined in the fun. =P

Josh Lim (the guy behind Advertlets and Redesign­Malaysia who flew in from KL), got the ball rolling on the rules of the game.

So the trivia went on with me scor­ing a big fat zero for the score. The ques­tions were easy, but my reflexes (to raise hands) were rel­a­tively slow. XD

It ended with yomi and adrian with the high­est score. So we decided to have both of them com­pete in a scis­sor rock and paper game to deter­mine the win­ner for 250 bucks (!).

First to reach five wins, er..well, wins! In the end, Adrian walked away RM250 richer. XD Yomi fell 2nd place with RM150. and the par­tic­i­pants of the game each gets 50 bucks, all to be cred­ited into our advertlets accounts. Oooh..money. XD

After the games, we walked over to the counter to get our free drinks.

the counter.

pretty cool cocoon shaped lamp.

After plac­ing the order for four free drinks, they finally arrived!

As usual, I resisted pam­per­ing my taste buds of the cream and took pho­tos of my very first cup of Star­bucks cof­fee. XD And oh boy, it is seri­ously gooood. What more, it’s free! And if you’re won­der­ing, it actu­ally costs RM13.50!!

So enjoy­ing our ice-blended frap­pu­cino with choc chips topped with cream drink sip by sip, we wan­dered over to the auto­graph poster. By that time, it was almost filled up.

Ah Piaw’s. His blog URL was eas­ily the longest one on the list of blog­gers who were attend­ing. XD


..and mine! =P

We even posed with it. XD Taken by kiam.

After that, we all had a group photo ses­sion. (I’m still wait­ing for jimmy and the oth­ers to upload the photos.)

Edit: They’re here! Both are taken with Allen’s top notch dSLR. Click for biggy!

Then it was the lucky draw session.

Josh Lim with his bag of good­ies. The lucky dudes will get to be treated by Josh Lim him­self for din­ner after the event. We were not plan­ning to go for it but we joined the lucky draw anyway.

At last, after a few draws, Josh decided to treat every­one who will join the din­ner! He sure loves his money! =P

We had another group photo ses­sion (also wait­ing for those pho­tos) before we called it a day.

Well it’s been a won­der­ful first expe­ri­ence attend­ing a blog­gers meet, and you bet it’s def­i­nitely not going to be my last!

So well done, every­one! We just made it into his­tory as Kuching’s first ever spon­sored blog­gers’ meet! All 55 of you who attended!

Edit: 1st Session’s group pho­tos are up, up and up!! XD


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  1. hihi… thanks for com­ing… nice to meet you too :)

  2. Irene said

    Hehehe… Thanks for com­ing!
    Some of the group pho­tos are up :)

  3. ember said

    @jimmychin No probs! We all enjoyed it i dare say.. nice to meet you too!

    @Irene, thanks for the heads up!

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