All About Presentations.

I’ll be heav­ily bet­ting on the fact that my Oral Comm. lec­turer Ms. Lee (I’m not even men­tion­ing her first name here for fears the Google search bots would pick this up) won’t be read­ing this any­time soon.

Okay, with greaat relief, we finally have our third and final oral pre­sen­ta­tion behind our backs. What a bloody relief it was. Prepar­ing for it was like hell, and hell I mean.

Our pre­sen­ta­tion group had ah siat, ah piaw and me. Our topic was the ques­tion ‘Did man really land on the moon?’ and as you may already got it, we planned to dis­pute the Apollo moon land­ing mis­sions in the 1960’s. Gosh, I’m already hav­ing this pho­bia of men­tion­ing or read­ing or typ­ing the words, ‘Apollo’, ‘mis­sions’, and the ‘moon’.

Yes, it was a free topic. So why did we bloody chose that topic? Truth is we were inspired by one of the top­ics our seniors did which went along the lines of the ‘con­spir­acy behind the 9/11 attacks’. Ah Piaw then had this brain fart and said hey! why don’t we talk about man never reached the moon? We blindly agreed and lit­tle did we know, we started dig­ging our bloody graves from that very moment.

So once the top­ics were finalised, there was no turn­ing back. Oh boy.

I cer­tainly had seen argu­ments about the U.S fak­ing the Apollo mis­sions on the inter­net prior to ah piaw’s brain fart. I thought it may be pretty inter­est­ing and that’s why I agreed to that suggestion.

So we went on the quest to find out the truth. Infor­ma­tion on this topic were not hard to find. In fact, there’s an abun­dance of per­sonal web­sites (take note, per­sonal web­sites) debat­ing on the fact that the Apollo mis­sions were a hoax. Yet, that’s the prob­lem. They weren’t cred­i­ble sources.

And the more we bloody deepen our search, the more we were bloody con­vinced that the Apollo moon land­ings were real. At one point, we were so freakin demo­ti­vated to go on with that topic. I even thought of trash­ing our topic for a new one, but time didn’t per­mit. Bloody hell.

I mean, make a Google search on ‘moon hoax’. Go read any of those ran­dom moon hoax per­sonal web­sites prob­a­bly writ­ten by wannabe con­spir­acy the­o­rists or just bored indi­vid­u­als. Come back and tell me if half of the ques­tions they raised were cred­i­ble. Some­times it was just so obvi­ous. There are times where I come across one of their argu­ments and could just rebuke it right from the back of my mind. It just takes bloody com­mon sense!

In the end, we decided to go on any­way. Pic­ture this, we will be con­vinc­ing a class load of peo­ple that the US of A never went to the moon when we our­selves are bloody con­vinced that the U.S. DID go to the moon. Now how hard is that?? Put it in other words, we will be pre­sent­ing a lie. And if Ms. Lee reads this we’re really done for.

And due to the rather seri­ous and highly tech­ni­cal nature of the topic, prepa­ra­tion for the points and slides took too bloody long. On the big day itself, we skipped every freakin class before the 4.30pm Oral Comm. presentation.

Demo­ti­vated and under pre­pared. The end result was as expected by any­one of us, a disappointment.

Now if you’d ask me if man really landed on the moon, believe it or not, ladies and gen­tle­men the answer is yes!

Par­don the wordy post, you’ll know I’m frus­trated when you see me bab­bling this much.

by shenghan in General, Rants, Varsity on 3rd October, 2007 at 12am, Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007 12:04 am GMT +8


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  1. Free said

    LOL. I know how you feel..good thing I’ve already went through all that trouble..but hey, at least it’s over now, right? :)

  2. ember said

    yay for it being over! XD

  3. May said

    Well, I guess you under­stand how it feels like to be in debate team now.

    Only that debate means you pre­pare 10 scripts for three top­ics within five days. =P And the con­stant delud­ing you go through with the stu­pid points and so on and so forth.

    It’s enough to make the san­est per­son go crazy. xD

  4. ember said

    You know, that was exactly what my sis told me. =D

    But the real­ity of prepar­ing for debates isn’t going to help me to go through the next two weeks. The inter­class debate is com­ing up reaaally soon now.. =\

  5. May said

    Ooooh. SCARY. xD

    Have fun drain­ing your brain juice. Hope your head doesn’t shrivel in the process…later not so hand­some! xD