Holy smokes!

Lit­er­ally. You’ll see.

Par­don that black­out rant down there. The lights came blink­ing alive just now, moments after I hit the Pub­lish but­ton after nearly two hours of typ­ing in the darkness.

Any­way, just now, we decided to skip physics lec­ture head to the kopi­tiam oppo­site The Spring for our dinner.

Appar­ently, we hate walk­ing long dis­tances. So we joined the hos­tel guys, John and ah wu and took a shortcut:

Because it’s almost the height of the 6-feet wall in the NS obsta­cle course, we call it sim­ply, the 6-feet wall. =D

It’s not really that hard to climb over it. But some­one seems to take a really. long. time.

Soon, every­one was over the wall.. Except me. XD Any­way, we walked all the way there and only to find that kopi­tiam closed. So we headed back.

Bwa­haha. XD

Later, I drove the gang to King’s Cen­tre. Had din­ner, and headed home.


Ear­lier today, at around 2pm just now, we were hang­ing around in an 8th floor class­room, to kill time dur­ing our 2 hour break. It is always fun to look out the win­dow, stare at the cars beneath or watch the con­struc­tion going on on another 8 storey build­ing next door.

But today we looked out through the win­dows and saw these.

Thick black smoke ris­ing behind a row of shops near King’s centre.

We couldn’t imme­di­ately make up what could be burn­ing behind that row of shoplots but the smoke just got thicker and thicker.

Flames could be seen occa­sion­ally, lick­ing the sky.

All we could do was watch. The fire engines were only seen (and heard) blaz­ing through the traf­fic a full 15 min­utes later. And by that time this is what that’s left.

My cam­era missed the red flash­ing truck in this shot. It is some­where beneath the flyovers.

No won­der why Malaysian emer­gency crank call rates are a stag­ger­ing 98.9%. ‘Cos by the time the fire trucks arrive, the fire would already be out! Now ain’t I smart to fig­ure that out? XD

by shenghan in Happenings, Life, Varsity on 3rd October, 2007 at 11pm, Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007 11:24 pm GMT +8


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  1. Free said

    Whoah, I didn’t know there was some­thing going on..I was at King’s Cen­ter around two..now that explains the sound of the siren..Haha..

  2. ember said

    you should be able to see the fire then! The smoke were quite thick..you shouldn’t be able to miss it.. XD

  3. imyingzi said

    walao… when hap­pened 1??? eeeee.…

  4. cdason said

    Really can’t blame the fire depart­ment you know.. If you notice, some peo­ple also don’t bother mov­ing aside when hear­ing the siren, and even worst are those prank calls which actu­ally make them won­der which one is gen­uine or not..

    I mean, remem­ber the story about the guy whom lied about wolves eat­ing the sheep to the vil­lagers?? Try tak­ing that lie for 100x a day!

  5. ember said

    @imyingzi: Not sure what hap­pened lol. We drove over to that area later that after­noon, but couldnt find the source of the burn­ing. so no idea..

    @cdason, yeah, those prank calls are really uncalled for.. Its really a pain to see those high prank call rates. Only shows the third world men­tal­ity of the coun­try we all live in.