Debating is harmful to your brain!

Seri­ously. xD

Our inter­class debate was yes­ter­day evening. Win­ners of the pre­vi­ous bat­tles between classes were con­sis­tent — with the gov­ern­ment side main­tain­ing a win­ning streak. And us being the gov­ern­ment, man­aged to change his­tory. =D

Cos guess what? We..

I don’t watch Lost the TV show. But I guess I’m gonna start watch­ing soon. =/

Well if you’d ask me how I felt about this whole debate thingy, the only thing I feel is that bloody great relief that it is over. Whew! I mean, prepar­ing the points was an extremely tedious task, which made our pre­vi­ous oral assess­ments look like pieces of cake.

Despite the final exams next week, we were still meet­ing up at night to dis­cuss, dis­cuss and dis­cuss. I was so deprived of sleep my kindeys were aching under pres­sure on the big day.

Then came the real thing. Set in a bloody lec­ture hall, while the other inter­class debates were held in classes. =\

The only moment I enjoyed of the debate was me talk­ing up there. Well, minus the part were Aaron POI’ed me, of when I gave the crap­pi­est reply my absent brain could churn out. But the moment I sat down, (I was the PM, which is the first one to speak), the real chal­lenge starts.

Because if you’d ask me, the hard­est part of debat­ing would be hav­ing to mul­ti­task. Why? We’ll have to lis­ten and try­ing hard to make sense out of the oppo­nents’ speech, while relat­ing them to a list of oppos­ing points we have pre­pared ear­lier, while putting together a valid argu­ment to counter, while phras­ing and rephras­ing the words to a ques­tion to present a POI, while pluck­ing up courage to stand and shout ‘POI!’ while think­ing of how my 2nd and 3rd speaker could rebut it.

Get the bloody pic­ture? And by the time we do all that, the speaker would’ve moved on to another point. Try­ing to achieve all that was both stress­ful and nerve-wrecking, hav­ing to do so many things at once. I’m con­vinced that the long-term effects of debat­ing could be dam­ag­ing to our brain. =P

Thats why I only POI’ed once through­out the whole debate. As Mr. George said, it was a debate lack­ing of POIs.

Nonethe­less, we did have fun prepar­ing the points and writ­ing our scripts, with Prem and Anthea. I’ll really miss debat­ing with you guys. Seri­ously. =P

Unfor­tu­nately, it’s no time to relax yet, for our final exams are com­ing up next weeek! Gulp.

by shenghan in General, Life, Varsity on 21st October, 2007 at 1am, Sunday, October 21st, 2007 01:23 am GMT +8


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  1. Free said

    Good luck for your finals! :)

  2. ember said

    thanks! you too man! =D