Crysis isn’t a crisis after all!

Okay first of all, I’ve. Fin­ished. My. Bloody. Finals!!! YAY WAHAHAHA!! *Jumps around knocks down glass. mom cries for bro­ken vase* xD

Ahem, oohkay. =P

For illus­tra­tion pur­poses, not the actual exam. =)

Hours ago was our Finite Math paper. It was.. bah, for­get it. No more exam talk now. =P But really, we were so eager to fin­ish the exams until I for­got to bring my bloody pen­cil case with my cal­cu­la­tor in it! =\

So you might be won­der­ing what actu­ally that title is all about. A few days ago, Cry­tek released the single-player demo of the world’s most antic­i­pated next gen­er­a­tion first per­son shooter, Cry­sis. Weigh­ing a whop­ping 1.7GB, it was no easy download.

I spent a day and a half down­load­ing that thing. I installed it with much antic­i­pa­tion, got every­thing run­ning, only to find out I’ve wasted time on a bloody slideshow! Per­for­mance on my lappy was so bad, the game was run­ning at a piti­ful 1–2 frames per sec­ond (fps). And that was on medium set­tings with my Geforce 8600M GT. I was heartbroken.

Granted, Cry­sis is an extremely power-hungry game which largely owes to it’s stun­ning graph­ics. Even geeks with their 8800 Gtx’s are at 10FPS with set­tings all maxed out.

It strikes me at how pun­ish­ing Cry­sis (which runs on the advanced CryENGINE2) could be on the lat­est hard­ware avail­able. But I wasn’t gonna write-off the game as un-playable on my lap­top. My 8600m gt has more poten­tial than that. Then I came across a par­tic­u­lar forum post about huge FPS boosts after updat­ing to the lat­est graphic drivers.

I fol­lowed suit. Got my dri­vers updated to the lat­est ver­sions. And voila!

Per­for­mance instantly jumped up to 30 FPS on medium set­tings! =D (by the way, you could click on the screen­shots for big­gie)

To realise Crysis’s full poten­tial, I cranked up the set­tings to high on a 1024 by 640 res­o­lu­tion. FPS dropped to around 15–20 to com­pen­sate for the more juicy visu­als but the game was still playable. XD And I must say, the graph­ics are eas­ily the pret­ti­est on any other first-person shoot­ers I’ve played.

Seri­ously though, my screen­shots doesn’t do jus­tice. Head over here and here to see what Cry­sis can fully offer in the visual depart­ment. But I can’t help to show these off on my blog. Bwa­haha! =P

The explo­sions, you sim­ply have to hand it to the Cry­tek team!

Cry­sis doesn’t only look VERY good, it has a pretty grip­ping sto­ry­line, and excels in the game­play depart­ment too. One of the major fea­tures in game­play is the Nanosuit, in which you would be wear­ing, will have one of four modes to choose from at any given time — super strength, speed, max­i­mum armour, and my per­sonal favourite, cloak­ing. XD

There are just so many things I could praise about this game!

If you’ve got a decent setup, seri­ously though, you’ll need a pretty pow­er­ful setup — look­out for Cry­sis, which will be out in stores by 15th of Novem­ber. I for one, will surely be eye­ing it! XD

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