Wrapping Up Semester One

You see, I’m sure it had been a great semes­ter for all of us. I meant, of course, Swin­bur­nites in their foun­da­tion stud­ies. But that really doesn’t mat­ter does it? Since school­ing days are also draw­ing to an end, with the excep­tion of SPM and STPM can­di­dates of course, which would prob­a­bly be crack­ing their brains off exam stress these few days.

Tense times for some, yet care­free days for oth­ers (Hint: ME).

But really, with the final exams over, and the results day draw­ing nearer, we are con­stantly reminded of the pass or fail dilemma much of us are fac­ing now. I dare­say most peo­ple would be almost obliv­i­ous to that fact right now though. (Hint: erm..ME!)

Most of us wouldn’t acknowl­edge the fact that some of us might be head­ing dif­fer­ent ways after only one semes­ter. Face it, the foun­da­tion in engi­neer­ing course is. not. easy. Peo­ple fail. And when they do, they either repeat the whole sub­ject, or sim­ply switch courses.

Regard­less of which, I’d like to shout out to all of you who had made study­ing in Swin­burne for the past four months so much fun. I, and I’m sure all of us do, cer­tainly hope that we’ll all make it to semes­ter two. Words can’t express my feel­ings to you all, but I’m sure this post with rem­i­nis­cences of the semes­ter would. XD

..and that was a bloody lengthy intro.

So here’s to some of the best of things for­tu­nate enough (or unfor­tu­nate, your pick xD) to be caught on cam­era! =D It’s superla­tives galore! xD

Best Park­ing Skill

We all know park­ing in Swin­burne is a breeze with those ever-so-spacious park­ing spaces. It is all thanks to dri­vers like the one who dri­ves this 4 wheeler, with their impec­ca­ble park­ing skills, we dri­vers have the ulti­mate peace of mind in look­ing for that bloody park­ing space.

I think we all know who’s car this is. =D

Sex­i­est Butt Shot

Unfor­tu­nately, this par­tic­u­lar award doesn’t belong to a hot chick. But since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I’ll leave it up to you to pon­der if this dude really deserves this pres­ti­gious award (we’re not even giv­ing it to bert-bert! xD). But really, this is really the sex­i­est butt we can find in campus.

Oh, the curves! xD

Best Lap­top in Campus

For­get that dude typ­ing off on his Mac­book Pro in the library, ah wu’s lap­top got to be the best in cam­pus. Look! It’s even opti­mized for spi­der­man. o_O

Most Gen­er­ous Dish

Okay, this prob­a­bly wasn’t taken any­where near cam­pus but I couldn’t resist includ­ing this here. Seri­ously, the waiter must have been reaally thick-faced to actu­ally serve this oh-so-generous plate of kam­pua and no, the plate is un-touched. Noo­dles prices are spik­ing, egg prices are up too, beats me if I remem­ber read­ing that vege prices are increased, hmm.

If you’re that curi­ous, you can find more thick-faced wait­ers at the Jalan Song SCR outlet.

Best Drink Ever

No it’s not soya bean milk, but you’re close. It’s nei­ther that cup of Teh C peng I adore so much. Because once I step in cam­pus Chill­ipep­pers, there’s only one drink I’ll be crav­ing for, ah siat know’s best. xD Since it’s so good, I’ll be nice and tell you that it’s none other than the Susu C Tarik! xD

Alright, it’s sim­ply just milk. But not really just that, it’s evap­o­rated milk plus con­densed milk, add a lit­tle hot water, tarik it a lit­tle for that foamy tex­ture and then served with ice cubes! Oh, the creaaam! All that, for a mere RM1.50! xD

Okay, I just ridiculed myself for admit­ting to still ador­ing milk at this age. But seri­ously, this is a must-try for all milk lovers out there! =P

Best Enter­tainer dur­ing Lectures

Face it, lec­tures are bor­ing at times. But luck­ily, we have this dude doing engi­neer­ing with us. We’ll call him R. R’s pretty camera-shy, so this is the best I’ve got. As seen above, he was enter­tain­ing us with his smiles at girls behind him. xD

Most Atten­tive Students

It’s a sort-of widely known fact that Swin­burne stu­dents are really poor in pay­ing atten­tion dur­ing lec­tures. Thats why for the greater good, we decided to give recog­ni­tion to those good stu­dents in class.

See for yourself!

Pho­tos are taken halfway dur­ing lec­tures. Seri­ously, we are such good boys in class, we put oth­ers to shame. =)

Cutest Teacher in Campus

This is our beloved Ms. Chong. Our Engi­neer­ing Math tutor. It all started when she was teach­ing us about acute angles. Some dude decided to make fun out of “a cute angle?!” Ms. Chong went into laugh­ing fits and couldn’t go on teach­ing when another dude con­cluded “a cute teacher lah.!”

But seri­ously, EM tuto­ri­als are most fun, thanks to Chee Jiun jie jie. xD

She’s so good, we made sure she excelled in the recent Swin­burne surveys.

Must ask her to chia us next time. =P

Best Atten­dance in Class

We don’t skip lec­tures! Honest. =)

No really, pho­tos above were taken dur­ing lec­ture breaks. xD

Best Car Body Kit

For­get those Hyper­max or R-four clans-with-styled-body-kit-cars you see in cam­pus. Dump your spoil­ers, skirts and the like. Check out my new antenna body kit! =D

Best Can­did Photo

Lao pan is soou going to kill me for this. xD

Dude with Best Manners

All men have desires. Most of us have seri­ous prob­lems try­ing tame to our inner tiger from lurch­ing at the sight of females. But among us, piaw seems to have his moves under best con­trol. =D

Peace out peeps! =D

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  1. wying said

    about ur lit­tle update, i hope you don’t fail your maths, like me. XD
    keep in touch, dude. XD

  2. cdason said

    This is nice.. a good sum­mary bro.. really nice..

  3. ember said

    @wying, nah..ain’t as pro as you. xD might just rule out passing.LOL

    @cdason, thanks dude! glad you liked it! =D

  4. =p i think ember is beyond moun­tain­like! :P im sure u can get bet­ter :P gam­bateh minasan! X3

  5. ember said

    oh i hope i can too >.<