I ran over a poor cat.

Look, I hate blog­ging about this, I really do. In fact, I didn’t even plan on writ­ing about this here and this actu­ally hap­pened a few days ago. But I have to get this outta my chest.

Some of you may remem­ber how I use to envy cats sleep­ing in our car porch. With pic­tures like this:

Well that other night, ah soon called me out for mee sapi. So there I was revers­ing out from the car porch when sud­denly felt the car going over some usu­ally large bump, both front and rear tyres. I ini­tially thought it was the auto gate tracks until I was just out­side my gate when I saw a whitish thing throw­ing itself around the car porch.

Lit­er­ally dude. That cat was lit­er­ally flip­ping and throw­ing itself around, like those peo­ple being pos­sessed by spir­its you see in the movies. It is the hor­ror when real­i­sa­tion strikes you on what had you done.

I was like. Bloody hell.

There I was, pet­ri­fied with my both hands on the wheel, star­ing at the cat react­ing to what looks like excru­ci­at­ing pain of hav­ing a car run over itself. I watched in utter sor­ry­ness.

I pulled the hand­brake, killed the engine and stepped out of the car when the cat finally gave up its strug­gle. It came to a rest near some flower pots. I approached the poor cat as silently as I could, so I prob­a­bly could try to com­fort it or some­thing you know.

It was pant­ing like there’s no tomor­row. There weren’t any vis­i­ble injuries for­tu­nately, but the injuries were obvi­ously (or un-obviously) inter­nal. But there were black tyre marks over its fur which made my heart sank again. Damn. Before I could make another step for­ward, it leap up and dashed across and up over the fence into my neighbour’s yard.

Damn again. No chance to save that poor thing.

This is the cat I ran over. Till this day, I have yet to see it around when it used to be a fre­quent vis­i­tor to our yard. I bloody hope that poor cat sur­vives. After all, cat’s have nine lives no?

But really, I went on to fetch ah soon keep­ing a con­stant 60 km/h and an extra alert look­out for cats on the road.

I’m so sorry.

by shenghan in Happenings, Life on 14th November, 2007 at 12am, Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 12:53 am GMT +8


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  1. wying said

    oh my oh my oh my oh my!!!!
    SHENG HAN!!!! how could u.….….……?????
    oh my.. poor cat.. >..<

  2. cdason said

    Ouch!! That mush have hurt.. even tough I’m not the one which ran the cat.. I feel it..

  3. ceara said

    pity the cat.. Hope it is okay.. You should have brought it to the vet or something..

  4. ember said

    wying, at least it wasn’t your cat.. =\

    But you can’t blame me.. =\ I went in the car and started the engine but that cat was still snor­ing its tail off!

  5. ember said

    @cdason, ugh, yeah. its no good feel­ing dude. =(

    @ceara, Indeed. wished I could have brought it to the vet but that poor thing decided to run away.. =(

  6. wying said

    yea i know. my cat always do that too. won’t want to go away even if my car is approach­ing him.
    really hope he’s still alive. >.<

  7. ember said

    stub­born creatures..these cats. -.-

    yeah lol..still havent seen it yet =\

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