Of holidays and summer sems

Those two don’t exactly belong in the same sen­tence but they are gonna belong in the same post any­way. XD

Two weeks of hol­i­days ended just like that. Granted, it was utterly bor­ing at times. But the hol­i­days were really quite fun. If I’m not rot­ting in front of my lap­top lis­ten­ing to mp3s and the like, I’d be at my old school for futsal.

SMK Jalan Arang has a new school hall built over where we used to have fut­sal matches dur­ing the pre-SPM days. XD The fut­sal court is now right beside this hall fyi.

Joined alvin, james, lee fang, bib­iana and daphne for bowl­ing at Crys­tal Bowl.

If I ain’t any­where near a ball, I would be out with ah soon, ah siat or ah wu. And when there’s any of them, there’s FOOD. xD

Pork leg rice at Padun­gan Street. Damn nice I tell you. XD

Fried chicken at Hartz Satok. Ah siat’s bloody idea to eat there after ah wu set­tled his loan stuff at Wisma Satok. But the RM15.90 price was worth it. XD Four of us stepped out of Hartz chicken walk­ing like preg­nant moth­ers LOLXD

I even joined a day trip to per­mai beach with my form 5 friends.

Two worlds col­lide: when land meets the sea. It was a bloody hot day. But we braved the UV radi­a­tion and jumped into the tempt­ing ocean. =D

Too much swim­ming in hot weather some­how has some side effects. xD

Seri­ously, it was so hot, even the life guard was lazy to get out into the sun and switch the warn­ing flag. =\

We earned our­selves a week’s worth of ago­nis­ing pain on our backs due to bloody sun­burns though.. xD

Later that week, we met up again at Jade Pot.

After the food, we found our­selves crazy over tea.

They were seri­ously good though. =D

Then it was the enrol­ment day for the Sum­mer Semes­ter. It started at 9. We reached at 8.

We thought we were early. Appar­ently not. =\

Queu­ing up — Swin­burne style. xD But you don’t get to sit until you enter the audi­to­rium though, which takes more than an hour from the start­ing point. Ugh.

Few days later:

Back in lectures.

You can’t believe what we’re learn­ing this sum­mer semes­ter. Think, Pale­oti­hic age and Para­blood­ymeswara. It’s lit­er­ally SPM His­tory in ENGLISH! Isn’t there any­thing bet­ter to waste our time on? Bloody hell.

We won’t skip lec­tures though. Promise. =D

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  1. wying said

    damn it?!
    you go bowl­ing and you didnt ask me to go?!
    DAMN IT!!!!
    that sucks!

  2. wying said


  3. ember said

    Ouch. =\

    I dont think i have the author­ity to ask you along if you know what i mean..

  4. wying said

    what’s that oooooutor­ity?
    nev­er­mind thou, i can’t even walk well now, what to say play bowl­ing. =S

  5. wying said

    i mean, go bowling.

  6. ember said

    aha! thats why i din ask you to go! xD

    but really, you cant blame me. =\

  7. wying said

    nev­er­mind, i can still go on my own. *hmmph*

  8. snowfish said

    totally cre­ative post..and funny too!!

  9. ember said

    glad you liked it. =)