Birthday Coming SOON!

No, mine doesn’t come in a long time. But yes­ter­day was some­one else’s spe­cial day. =D

This par­tic­u­lar dude, lets just say he’s a really quiet guy in class. =)

He really loves to climb 6-feet walls.

And likes to sit like an ah beng.

He’s the kind of guy that runs into friends at every cor­ner in cam­pus. Not gals though, he seems less inter­ested in them for some rea­son. =P

And one so hum­ble that when he got his spank­ing new 3.5 grand NEC lap­top he tells you that NEC stands for Now Extremely Cheap. And when you pester him to show it off in cam­pus he’ll tell you thats impos­si­ble because his NEC Needs Extreme Care. XD

After our Moral Stud­ies lec­ture yes­ter­day, we headed out in two cars to Padungan’s Happy Day restau­rant, a venue me and ah siat dis­cussed the day before to cel­e­brate, I think you should know by now, ah soon’s birth­day! =D

The other dri­ver was none other than our Boss.

And boy, he is one dan­ger­ous dri­ver! If you hadn’t know a dude who over­takes you dur­ing a red traf­fic light, here’s one for you. XD

See for your­self! lol. =P

Any­way, the food at Happy Day was okay. It’s kinda like cam­pus Chill­ipep­pers albeit with a larger portion.

We spent the rest of the after­noon at John’s hos­tel room gam­ing and chat­ting prepar­ing for our his­tory pre­sen­ta­tion. After our Malaysian stud­ies class which ended early, we hanged out around cam­pus like a bunch of crazy dudes. xD

After some bloody mind­less chat­ter­ing and fool­ing around, we decided to take a group photo instead, since every­one was sit­ting on the railings.

So I placed my w810i firmly on my car across the road, switched on its self timer (didn’t know it had that fea­ture) and ran back and hopped on to join the gang. =D

Not exactly clear but served it’s pur­pose. XD

Some­one turned 18 yes­ter­day! Gotta stop act­ing like a kiddo liao ah soon! bwa­haha! xD

by shenghan in Happenings, Life, Varsity on 29th November, 2007 at 1pm, Thursday, November 29th, 2007 01:09 pm GMT +8


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  1. wying said

    wahaha, novem­ber kid. as the date on the cal­en­der crawls and crawls and crawls and crawls and crawls like a snail, finally reached Novem­ber, but its not Decem­ber yet. XD
    sheng han, just one more month to go!! be patient. XD
    oh by the way, did i tell u that my birth­day is com­ing? XD

  2. Free said

    So THAT was what you guys were up to last night! LOL..=P

  3. ember said

    @wying. where got crawl la..dammit XD ish..did i tell u that your OLDer than me? XD

    @Free, LOL yeah.. din thought we’d see you around haha.

  4. wying said

    yalor, so sad you always reminds me about ur a small kid. XD

  5. ember said

    It’s 31st Decem­ber of 1988! You nut­ter! xD