Swinburne Burns (again)

Hey it kinda rhymes. XD

12 Decem­ber 2006 — photo cour­tesy of Mr. Matthew, taken from Desmond’s blog.

Remem­ber around the same time, last year when Swin­burne had it’s lifts fried?

Well today it (kinda) hap­pened again. Only this time, there was no building-wide evac­u­a­tion or one-week holidays.

7 Decem­ber 2007

We were out­side room 4.07 on the 4th floor for our Moral Stud­ies lec­ture this morn­ing (around 10.30am) when we noticed a com­mo­tion at the new cam­pus con­struc­tion site. Then every­one started to move towards the far end of the build­ing look­ing out the windows.

We fol­lowed, only to find out some seri­ous fire­fight­ing gear parked down there.

We were like OMGWTFBBQ. I swear I did not see any bil­low­ing smoke. Nor heard any blar­ing sirens.

Really, noth­ing. Just some whitish puffs that looked more like the left­over smoke from a smoul­der­ing barbeque.

So we moved fur­ther right through the crowd on the 4th floor to a bet­ter view of things.

The Bomba sky lift was used to reach the 4th floor of the new admin build­ing. For rea­sons I don’t know. Once again, no traces of any fire were visible.

Even an ambu­lance from the Civil Defence Res­cue 991 sta­tion nearby arrived. I bloody hope no one was hurt. =\

Any­way, when we made our way down after lec­tures using the lifts, I was won­der­ing why Swin­burne seems to be plagued with fires.

I wan­dered around and found a bloody damn good answer on a notice stuck on right next to the lift doors:






Edit: Well it seems all the drama we wit­nessed last Fri­day is only a drill (I would’ve guessed so, since I was pretty skep­ti­cal about the lack of traces of fire =P). But it still baf­fles me what on earth are they think­ing by hav­ing a fire drill in an UNcom­pleted build­ing? The roofs are not even in place, not to men­tion the win­dows? And they’re already sim­u­lat­ing fire. Beats me. =\

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  1. Free said

    Hahahaha..that’s a good one! I never noticed that before. Will def­i­nitely check it out next time I’m in the lift. By the way, did you hear about the blog­gers’ meet this Sun­day? More info here. =)

  2. ember said

    haha thanks. =) I took that pic­ture in the lift fur­ther away from the toi­lets, dont know if the other lift has the same error on its per­mit though..hehe. =P

    yeah, heard about it! ehon dropped a com­ment in my pre­vi­ous post. I’ll try to make it there though. xD

  3. Deejay said

    You can use my blog entry. I am sur­prised about the fire… Swin­burne stu­dents will have to undergo a lot of firedrills soon…once a month…is it a feng­shui sign?

  4. ember said

    Thanks a lot dude! =)

    some­thing tells me the firedrills are com­ing too. now that you men­tioned it, we’ve never had any before =\ hmm.

    duno much about feng­shui though. =D

  5. cdason said

    Hmm.. another one?? Maybe its really the name.. Swin­BURN.. maybe they should thik of another name.. kan?? kan??? hehehe…

  6. ember said

    yeah..there’s some­thing about swin­burne and burn­ing lol. xD But it seems it was only a fire drill/simulation accord­ing to my friends who saw the news in the papers.