The Anticipation!

There’s a lot of buzz going ’round Kuch­ing these days.

For the past few months, Kuch­ing­nites, you and me, have been fol­low­ing the rise of sev­eral new projects in town that could change shop­ping in Kuch­ing — totally.

Open­ing next week would be the Boule­vard Shop­ping Mall at 4 1/2 Mile.

We’ve seen it rise up from the days of it’s infancy.

It’s been a loong way, but now they’re work­ing their hats off 24/7 for it’s launch next week.

Boast­ing 720,000 square feet of shops, the Boule­vard Mall is set to be a huge hit in this area. We don’t know much (the man­age­ment seems to be pretty tight-lipped on the ten­ants), but we’d know to look out for Sushi King, Secret Recipe (yay!) and Pop­u­lar Book­store when it opens. =D

The buzz doesn’t end here, for if you move fur­ther up town, you’ll have The Spring.

The Spring too, is open­ing on the first week of January.

We at Swin­burne knows best on it’s progress as we look out the win­dows every­day and watch the Spring grow. All through four sea­sons. =D

Photo cour­tesy of Edwin Lau.

..and grow.

We all antic­i­pate the day when we could just walk over dur­ing lec­ture breaks for a movie at the Golden Screen Cin­e­mas. Or maybe a snack at either Star­bucks or Secret Recipe. Per­haps a plate of chips would be bet­ter at either the Man­hat­tan Fish Mar­ket or roasted chicken at the Kenny Rogers Roasters.

When we’re done with food, per­haps flip­ping through some play­boy mags just-arrived-novels at the MPH Book­store would be cool. =D Heck, it’s a whole lot more over at the Spring!

At 95% com­ple­tion already, they too are also work­ing their hats off 24/7 on the fin­ish­ing touches to meet their 6th of Jan­u­ary 2008 soft opening.

Gosh, the antic­i­pa­tion! xD And I haven’t even men­tioned the Green Heights Mall, Precinct 88 Mall, One TJ, Novo­tel Inter­hill hotel and mall, Four Points Sher­a­ton Hotel, Plaza Merdeka (thanks Free), all spring­ing up (pun intended) and work­ing their hats off to be com­pleted next year!

As for the rest of us Kuch­ing­nites? Oh, you bet we’ll be work­ing our hats off too. save money for Kuching’s 2008 SPEND-A-THON!

Psst: Money photo above cour­tesy of laopan. It’s not my money.. so don’t come after me. =P

Inde­pen­dent Thoughts

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  1. May said

    Fin­ish liao. All the female SPM can­di­dates next year will fail their SPM. xD

    And the males…will finally have a chance to be smarter than the girls. Sta­tis­ti­cally speak­ing, that is. Lol.

    Author’s dis­claimer : Every­thing above was said in jest, I am not sex­ist. lol.

  2. Free said

    Springadoo­dles! (Learnt that at The Spring’s web­site. xD)

    LOL at the pre­vi­ous com­ment. Haha..what if the guys fol­low the girls to shop? Won’t they be busy too? Haha..can’t wait for The Spring to open.

    What about Merdeka Plaza and the soon-to-be-renovated Kuch­ing Plaza dude? Hell, there’s going to be a lot of shop­ping malls in Kuch­ing soon, eh? :D

  3. ember said

    LOL! what a the­ory! haha.. Lets see if THAT really hap­pens ha! xD

  4. ember said

    Free, oh bloody hell! I totally missed out those two! >.< By the way, I don’t think guys EVER fol­low girls to shop. Even more so when they’re only due to sit for SPM! =D

  5. Free said

    Ahaha..well, you never know. Girls force their boyfriends to go shop with them sometimes..or do boys make them­selves think that they’re being forced? LOL. I’m con­fused. xD

  6. ember said

    per­haps it’s the latter…i’ll be damned.. ><

  7. wying said

    i thought Secret Recipe is at The Spring not Boule­vard? Boule­vard got Kenny Rodgers Roast­ers. =D and yea, Sushi King.. Popular.

  8. ember said

    i got word that secret recipe is open­ing an out­let at Boulevard =)

  9. wying said

    wanna bet or not? XD i say The Spring. =P

  10. ember said

    lol.. i know its def­i­nitely open­ing at the Spring. xD but whether its open­ing at Boule­vard i’m not really sure now that you said it isn’t lol. Btw if u read the papers, u’ll know that Boule­vard also has Star­bucks, KFC, McD, Pizza Hut, Wat­sons and my favourite old town kopi­tiam. xD

    any­way, i’ve heard that Boule­vard isn’t all that excit­ing.. you been there yet? =\

  11. wying said

    yea, i did.
    noth­ing excited. far more then dis­ap­point­ing. duh.
    don’t go don’t go. XD

  12. ember said

    aww..too bad. =(