Of donuts and uh, Heaven.

So that other I day when I was in KL, Hikari, a good friend of mine along with the KL youth group bud­dies Tony and Jia Rong, called me and my sis out to hang around at Sub­ang Jaya.

After break­fast which was some really good assorted roti canai at Mamak Bistro in SS14. Tony and Jia Rong got their PMR results and we headed for the new wing of Sun­way Pyra­mid for lunch. Five of us was like, look­ing for a place to eat when we passed by a J.Co Donuts and Cof­fee outlet.

Now I’ve heard, and read all about these appar­ently extremely heav­enly donuts from this very famous chain of bak­ery from Indone­sia. They have bloody long queues all day at their Pavil­lion KL out­let, so I’ve heard. But this par­tic­u­lar out­let in Sun­way Pyra­mid was well, blessed with a queue with a grand total of 5 people. =\

So Tony was like, hey! Since there’s no crowd, why don’t we get some of those donuts! So we joined the rel­a­tively small queue and set­tled for a box of a half a dozen donuts. But then again it was only around 11am at the time which would prob­a­bly explain the lack of a long queue. Nonethe­less, we didn’t have to wait 30 minutes!

The pre­sen­ta­tion of the donuts in glass were par­tic­u­larly inter­est­ing to look at. I mean, even an Ah beng who would just walk past a J.Co out­let with­out second-guessing would be attracted to all that edi­ble rings on dis­play. Heck, he might even walk in think­ing it’s a jew­ellery shop and get one of those colour­ful rings for his pro­posal to Ah Lian. =D

Bwa­haha. xD Okay ah beng jokes aside, Tony was kind enough to treat me and my sis to a whole 1/2 dozen box of donuts of our own choice. Seri­ously, there were all sorts of donuts in all shapes and sizes, flavours and colours. Even to pick six out of those selec­tions is no easy task because each and every flavour looks so equally tempt­ing! But under the pres­sure of a grow­ing queue behind us, we ran­domly picked out 6 lovely rings.

So there you go, 11 bucks worth of a box. =D

And inside, 6 heav­enly rings. Since we picked out the flavours in a rush, we couldn’t recall it’s exact name.

All four of us, my two lil cousins, my sis and I gath­ered around the din­ing table, eyes all wide and fix­ated on that very box. I mer­ci­lessly barred any­one from touch­ing even the box while I went on snap­ping close-ups of those very well-presented donuts.

You have one mango flavoured ring which is the golden one with white cream. Tiramisu would be the one with white cream and spot­ted brown. The one fur­ther in with dark cream top­pings is black­berry flavoured.

Tiramisu in close range. Try not the lick your screen. =P

You have the black Oreo flavoured one here.

And another one topped with creamy New Zealand cheese. The one fur­ther in was one of my favourites, rich peanut but­ter on the inside, white choco­late topped on the outside.

I have to say, the donuts were bloody damn sweet. But it’s not that bland sweet­ness you taste in those typ­i­cal 30 cents a piece donuts cov­ered in a thick layer of icing sugar sweet­ness. Prob­a­bly the only way I can describe it is that it’s as sweet as J.Co donuts. XD

Hon­estly, it wasn’t really that earth-shattering when I took that first bite. Nei­ther did I remem­ber grow­ing wings fly­ing to heaven and back. But what I really have to praise of these donuts is that of the rich­ness of it’s taste. And when I say rich, I mean bloody rich. xD

The only down­side is. I didn’t get to eat those donuts as a whole! All I got was like, a frac­tion of each flavour. Grr. I WANT MORE. =P

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  1. wying said

    oh my, cute donuts! XD really that tasty? i don’t like to eat donuts. or maybe i haven’t try some nice ones. =D

  2. free said

    zomg. zomg. zomg. j.co donutssss~ T.T

  3. ember said

    @wying, They’re more than cute i tell you. =D Ooo..not a donut lover eh? the more you should try em! XD

    @free, zomg j.co donuts! =D

  4. Amber said

    crap… now u make me hun­gry… buh… =(

  5. ember said

    hehe..sorry la cant help it. XD so many times u made my stom­ach growl tru ur posts..it’s pay­back time!

    bwa­ha­haha XD

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