2008 is here!

2008 has made a really, really wet entry. And I mean really wet.

I just came back from a very wet but mem­o­rable count­down at the Boule­vard Mall.

Unfor­tu­nately it’s really late now and the good­ies will have to wait. =)

In the mean­time, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


So we planned to spend the count­down to 2008 last night at the Boule­vard Mall. But rather dis­ap­point­ingly, it was rain­ing like there’s no tomor­row. Nonethe­less, when it was already 10.30 and the sky showed no signs of ease on the weather, I headed out any­way and picked yh, wying and ps up.

The plan was to meet kim, lfeng and the rest of the ‘zoo’ at the mall.

But when we reached there, this was what we saw.

Empti­ness. It was appar­ently already 11pm (only?!) and the crowd were already head­ing home. We met kim and lfeng as they were leav­ing the mall, along with every­one else. We were like, stand­ing there like dumb asses look­ing at every­one else go. =\

And then there was this WTF? ques­tions like ‘Which bloody mall on earth holds a count­down until ONLY 11PM?’

Then we met Andy and sort of talked while try­ing to fig­ure out where else we could spend the count­down. Heck, I didn’t come all the way through the rain, jam and human traf­fic just to bloody see peo­ple going home?! Kim sug­gested we join them at Trav­il­lion and we almost did join them if it wasn’t for Andy ask­ing us to wait while he sent his younger broth­ers and a sis­ter home.

So we went out into the foyer. There wasn’t much of the crowd left, for every­one left think­ing the whole count­down event was over. But the sky thought it wasn’t yet over as it con­tin­ued to pour oceans on us.

Police pres­ence were rather heavy that night prob­a­bly on alert for unde­sir­able events and such.

By the time Andy’s dad arrived to pick the rest of his fam­ily home (he stayed with us), it was already around 11.50pm. It was only then we realised some Boule­vard staff talk­ing into hands-free’s updat­ing some crew on the time left to midnight.

So we aban­doned plans to get to Trav­il­lion and anx­iously waited for mid­night. As our clocks tick closer to 2008, peo­ple started scan­ning the sky. There was no announce­ment, just spec­u­la­tion on where the fire­works might be, IF there was going to be any at all.

Then it stroke midnight.

The flashy bangs and crashes started right above us. We were like, what the hell, and ran out into the relent­less rain, away from the com­fort of the dry foyer and looked into the sky.

Every­one else did the exact same thing, with or with­out umbrellas.

Noth­ing felt as great as wel­com­ing the new year look­ing and cheer­ing at fire­works blast­ing right above you in the rain! xD

And that was how the year 2008 wel­comed us, in all it’s soaky wet glory.

With the wish for every­one a happy new year ahead, I’d ded­i­cate this video to all of you out there!

Happy 2008 folks! =D

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  1. Free said

    They had fire­works? In the rain? Nooooo…I thought the rain would stop peo­ple from play­ing with fire­works so I bought myself a ticket for a late night movie instead. =.=

  2. Amber said

    happy 2008!!! i spent the whole night chat­ting instead of cel­e­brat­ing… HAHAHA.… well i guess im just too bored… lol

  3. wying said

    hey, why didn’t you post your sexy photo? nehh… the one which your whole body get WET! XD white shirt somem­ore boh.. *phewwwheet*

  4. ember said

    @Free, LOL! yeah..i thought so too. Guess i never knew that fire­works still ‘works’ in such heavy rain! =P

    @Amber, happy 2008 to you too! =D well i bet that per­son you chat with is pretty spe­cial to you! hehe.

    @wying, MY sexy photo? Can­not la, I may be 18 already but still got lotsa under-18 peo­ple who reads my blog. have to think of them ma..no? XD

    later too many gals find me also susah la.. =P


  5. wying said

    OH COME ON! *rolled eyes*
    find you is either ask­ing ‘who’s that hand­some guy at the left wear­ing blue shirt?!‘
    or, ‘who’s that pretty girl at the mid­dle?‘

  6. ember said


    You eyes rolled 180 degrees only.

    Mine rolled 360 degrees after read­ing ur com­ment. XD

  7. wying said

    bwa­hahha! just kid­ding btw. XD XD

  8. ember said

    I know, what i men­tioned is true any­way. XD

  9. Wayne said

    I always say kuch­ing is always the best place to enjoy fire­works after every eve. hahaha! CUz’ our city got the free­dom of fire­works. lolx

  10. ember said

    Indeed! Noth­ing beats the free fire­works show Kuch­ing has every –eve. =D

    Once i spent my CNY eve back in Ipoh and every­thing was like…bloody quiet. No mood at all lol.