We heart carparks!

Ever since this big sign was put up for the masses, we’ve been flock­ing to park our cars under some long-overdue shade for a car park.

What more, it’s free! For now, at least. =)

But the beauty of this six-storey build­ing is not only the park­ing spaces it pro­vides, but also the panoramic view of Kuch­ing it offers on its windy top­most floor.

There are even 2 ten­nis courts way up there. =D But unfor­tu­nately, they’re locked up for now.

The view is unmis­tak­able. Though it might not beat what we have on the 9th floor of the main build­ing (shown in pink in the pic above), but hey, there’s wind and fresh air! =D

Some­times we do go over­board when explor­ing new places. xD Such as this (restricted?) water tank cum air con­di­tioner fan area.

But hey, we were bored. XD

P/s: Swin­burne expe­ri­enced a black­out right after we explored this area on the carpark rooftop. It’s a coin­ci­dence, I tell you! =D


Inde­pen­dent Thoughts

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by shenghan in Happenings, Life, Varsity on 4th January, 2008 at 11pm, Friday, January 4th, 2008 11:09 pm GMT +8


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  1. cdason said

    I am really impressed with swin­burne.. that I can say..

  2. ember said

    I would say no less.. =D Swinburne’s a great place to study.

  3. Yuan said

    darn I wish i had carparks at my col­lege. stu­pid mkbs kept on giv­ing me RM0.53 RM0.83 angpow every­time I park there.

  4. ember said

    Get you­self some park­ing coupons dude! =P

  5. wying said

    wah, swin­bees wear slip­pers to ‘school’.

  6. Didi said

    wow .. where did you get that pho­tos ?? and how ??

  7. ember said

    Which one are you refer­ring to? They’re all taken at a multi-storey carpark in Swin­burne. Just that, noth­ing more. =)

  8. Hans L. said

    It’s locked now? Damn. Luck­ily we explored it before access is restricted.

  9. ember said

    yeah it is the last time we went up there. =\