Lame, lame, lame.

Guess what’s the big news since yes­ter­day in the Malaysian and Sin­ga­pore blogosphere?

In case you hadn’t know, has it’s domain expired! Sur­prised? NOT.

Last night I dis­cov­ered my blog was redi­rect­ing ALL BY ITSELF (now THAT’s seri­ous, mind you.) to some shoddy adver­tis­ing web­site. And boohoo, guess what, every sin­gle bloody blog serv­ing Advertlets ads is doing the exactly same thing — hap­pily redi­rect­ing to some ad website.

And when I removed that Advertlets ad code form my side­bar for good, Poof! Every­thing loaded fine and I’m able to actu­ally SEE my blog with­out being redi­rected to some other website.

I mean, being an IT com­pany, and one who spe­cialises in ADVERTISING in the BLOGOSPHERE, get­ting your MAIN website’s domain EXPIRED is so bloody WRONG in so, so many ways. This only proves how inef­fi­cient Advertlets can be.

My already waver­ing faith in Advertlets is now a grand total of Nothing.

Read on, if you bother.

Mind you, I’m not pissed because my grand total of RM0.9x I’ve earned is pos­si­bly gone. Why? You’ve just read through my rea­son, it’s a bloody 90 cents for cry­ing out loud. God, I’m going brank­rupt! Oh noes! *goes mort­gage my shoes bags books and what­not* Seriously.

Gee, if you’re gonna run an adver­tis­ing site like that, I can’t be sorry enough for you. Oh, Advertlets may be get­ting some really good pub­lic­ity on Tech­no­rati right now, but this seri­ous blun­der in their part will only result in the loss of faith from the blogosphere.

I took my Advertlets code off my blog last night — for good. And of course every other Advertlets cus­tomer who still wants their blog actu­ally work­ing. Even IF Advertlets comes back, I doubt many will put their Advertlets ads back up.

As for me, I’m a Advertlets cus­tomer, NO MORE.

P/S: If you’re really into earn­ing money online, try out . Drop me an email or some­thing if you’re inter­ested, I’ll be more than happy to help you. =)

by shenghan in Internet on 6th January, 2008 at 4pm, Sunday, January 6th, 2008 04:28 pm GMT +8


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  1. Wayne said

    seri­ously they are really in deep S*it. Thier web­site is back after the prop­a­ga­tion being per­formed. hmm.. not sure if am still inter­ested in their adver­tis­ing formats. ://

  2. Free said

    Hmm, you have a point there..despite the con­sid­er­ably large amount of traf­fic to my site, the last time I checked I had a grand total of..*wait for it*

    0.86 cents.

    Damn, if that’s the rate I’m going, I’ll get my first cashout in about..hmm, 50 years? Way to go, guys.

    Get­ting peo­ple to click on ads is hard, but click­ing on ads your­self and get­ting money? Now that’s about some info on that, dude? :P

  3. ember said

    @Wayne: Indeed. still doesn’t work here..

    @Free: That’s exactly my point! I had that exact same thought within the first month serv­ing advertlets ads.

    50 years? geez.

    Btw, check ur mail. =)

  4. Yuan said

    lol. i vis­ited nuff­nang site and saw the blog feeds. advertlets sure are piss­ing off alot of bloggers!

  5. ember said

    They sure are! Imag­ine the panic so many peo­ple had to go tru when their blogs started redi­rect­ing all by itself to some shady ad website?

    Advertlets bet­ter have a very, very rea­son­able expla­na­tion for this. But I doubt they could come up with a good one.

  6. Amber said

    i removed all their ads from my blog… >< aint earn­ing any­thing anymore

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