The Spring Grand Opening Pt 2

Check out the pho­tos of the Grand Open­ing itself here.








by shenghan in General, Happenings, Life, News on 9th January, 2008 at 9pm, Wednesday, January 9th, 2008 09:28 pm GMT +8


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  2. Free said

    w00t! Dude, I loved the foun­tain’s amaz­ing as went in the after­noon, eh? I spy CM’s car. LOL.

  3. cdason said

    I got to go here tomor­row!! I just got to!!!

  4. ember said

    @free, yeap we went in the after­noon. XD yeah, that water fea­ture is like the coolest part of the spring. =D

    @cdason, I’m sure quite a LOT of peo­ple will be think­ing that way right now LOL xD

  5. wying said

    boule­vard is really noth­ing lor.. com­pared to this gigan­tic mall. XD some call it the mid-valley of Kuching.

  6. ember said

    Yeah, it’s def­i­nitely big in terms of Kuch­ing stan­dards. =D now boule­vard feels so small LOL.

  7. Brian said

    I like the fact that The Spring is the best shop­ping mall in Kuch­ing and Sarawak by whole. And I also dare to say that The Spring looks bet­ter than all the shop­ping malls in Sabah. I haven’t get to see 1Borneo yet because it was not open dur­ing my last trip to Kota Kin­a­balu but I bet The Spring is better.

  8. ember said

    Yeap. The Spring kicks every Sabah mall in the ass all right. =)

    I haven’t been in 1Borneo too but I’m hav­ing reser­va­tions on its looks depart­ment due to its size.