The Spring opens to public

Check out my posts on the Grand Open­ing on the 9th of Jan­u­ary! Part one and part two.

Warn­ing: Min­i­mum pic­tures! Not rec­om­mended if you’re expect­ing tons of pics on the inte­ri­ors. xD

It was a dis­play of kiasu–ness at it’s best by Kuch­ing­nites (me included =P) when half of Kuch­ing deserted the CBD and flocked to the The Spring. Hun­dreds, per­haps thou­sands thought they were more kiasu than me and gath­ered out­side the entrance at around 10am before allowed entry.

I only went there at around 2pm with Ah soon, Ah wu, Yao nam, John and Ah Piaw.

We knew this was going to be the view from the pedes­trian bridge so we walked from campus.

The Spring and it’s mag­nif­i­cent façade. It was hot, sunny and soou not a day for shop­ping but oh well, for a day, the sun didn’t mean any­thing to us.

I orig­i­nally did not plan to post this because I didn’t take much pic­tures. And uh, this is already the 4th or 5th post about the Spring. Gawd, I need a Spring-o-vaccine. =P

So does all these peo­ple, I guess. =\

Seri­ously, there were heads every­where! That made tak­ing pho­tos almost impos­si­ble because before you could press that shut­ter, some­one kid would bump into you.

We trashed the idea of hav­ing lunch at the Food Bazaar after see­ing how bloody packed it was and decided to check out Park­son. We picked a ran­dom blazer out of curiosity.

Uhm. Okay.

Later that day, we ended up hav­ing lunch at Tun Jugah.

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  1. Wayn said

    hoho.… RM619 blazer is not right at all. lol…
    Look at the crowds! haha! Go Kuch­ing GO!

  2. ember said

    Yeah. but expect no-less from a Park­son flag­ship store. =D

  3. wying said

    on the first day when it was opened to the pub­lic, some­one lost his grand 130K toy­ota wish there. so, shop­ping spree eh? =/

  4. ember said

    Sigh..we were so so sad.. My dad’s lovely Wish got stolen..sob.. =’( Bloody theives.. xD

    Seri­ously though, i dont remem­ber the spring being that huge to the extent that some­one could actu­ally lose a car! =\

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