Something’s brew­ing.

And it’s got a lot to do with coffee.

but its not coffee

Smell any­thing?

by shenghan in Life, Site on 19th January, 2008 at 4pm, Saturday, January 19th, 2008 04:57 pm GMT +8


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  1. Amber said

    i smell cof­fee!!! is it star­bucks? o.0 hahaha

  2. ember said

    Naww. Try again..Hehe. =P

  3. Jyi said

    Ran­dom drop-by…

    Because there’s bite me, is it munchys?

  4. ember said

    Wahaha! Sharp, very sharp! xD

    But would it make sense if i was teas­ing about cook­ies? =P

    well since you trou­bled your­self to guess, i’d give a clue: this a num­ber one of a series of three teasers.

    Obvi­ous enough? =D

  5. wying said

    bite me.
    but dont know what the hell that is lol. =P

  6. ember said

    wying, you ought to get your­self some cook­ies some time. xD

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