The big pluck: Part Three

Con­tin­ued from Part One and Part Two.

The 18th of Jan­u­ary was the big day eight red palms from our home made their way to the new BDC Inter­change as part of it’s landscaping.

So, at the mercy of the pres­ence of heavy machin­ery in our usu­ally quiet neigh­bour­hood, the red palms were lifted one by one out of their cosy yard.

Lift­ing it was every­thing but easy. There is vir­tu­ally no room for error. One slip and it’s a tree snapped in half.

Fas­ten­ing the belts to the plant was tricky enough.

But when the lift­ing process began, sick­en­ing cracks and screeches could be heard as the belts tight­ened around the plant. Even the hydraulics growled under pres­sure as the crane strug­gled to lift the palms up. The palms were waaayy heav­ier than we thought. LOL

But when the root base finally brakes free from the ground, it was just a mat­ter of lift­ing the palms upward.

And when that hap­pens, the palms go air­borne. =P Fly baby, FLY! xD

But of course the palms’ hap­pi­ness is short-lived when they are low­ered back to the ground shortly after their joy-ride way up high.

Click here to watch the whole palm-lifting process

Then they had to be lifted once again onto a crane-cum-truck or what­ever they calls it. =P

..before head­ing off en route to the BDC Interchange.

The des­ti­na­tion.

By the time all eight palms where plucked and trans­ported, it was already 7pm. We fol­lowed the last truck to the BDC Inter­change as dusk fell.

Not every­day you get to be in the mid­dle of an extremely busy inter­change, watch­ing your own palms from your back­yard unload­ing eh? xD

The erec­tion two days later.

The red palms were only erected two days later in its full glory.

Excited to see how they looked like fully erected (pun not intended xD), I revis­ited the BDC Inter­change early Mon­day morn­ing. It was eas­ily the first time I saw the palms in daytime.

I was like. What’s with the messi­ness? All that lift­ing and trans­port­ing had taken it’s toll on the trees.

But at the same time, I felt rather proud that these tow­er­ing palms were once hap­pily thriv­ing in our yard. I mean, look at that tallest guy above, he used greet me every morn­ing I wake up and look out the window.

And now, they’re in pub­lic view, where every­one could see them. With that per­haps, that tall friend of mine would’ve more peo­ple to greet each morning.

Maybe Dad was right, the red palms would be much hap­pier here, than cramp­ing in our gar­den. Tell me they look good, okay? =P

My only con­cern is that if they would sur­vive. The yel­low­ing leaves all over aren’t doing much help. I bloody hope their con­di­tion would improve in the days to come. =\


Oh well, I miss the sound of the rustling palm leaves. I miss the shade. I miss the chirp­ing birdies. I miss the sight of the place I call home sur­rounded with those palms. I miss the sight of them every­time I look out. Gawd.

Those huge holes in the gar­den I see every­day where the trees once stood isn’t any help.

I know. They’re just freakin’ trees. But dammit, this feel­ing sucks.

Per­haps, just per­haps, for their sake, they’ll be hap­pier. And with that thought, per­haps I’ll get over it.

Next time you pass the BDC Inter­change, say hi to them for me will ya? =D

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  1. Free said

    Awww..tree or no tree, when we lose some­thing that’s been with us for a long time, we tend to miss them when they’re gone. Right?

  2. ember said thoughts exactly. =’(

  3. wying said

    hope they would survive.

  4. ember said

    hehe thanks. In fact, they’re doing quite well now last time i checked them out, all nice and green. =D

    Now all they have to do is to grow towards the sky! XD

  5. great post as usual!