Utter generosity.

That other day, we were about to head home after lec­tures when we spot­ted this notice stuck on a wall near the carpark’s ground floor entrance.

It was the chi­nese writ­ing that actu­ally caught me. ‘Cos you’d never see a chi­nese char­ac­ter in any of those Swin­burne notices around.

A closer look says the fol­low­ing in three languages.

Any­one who pro­vides infor­ma­tion lead­ing to (the) suc­cess­ful cap­ture of the elec­tric cables thief shall be rewarded with an amount of RM 1,000. Please report the per­son to the SITE SECURITY.

No, I’m not help­ing the secu­rity or what­ever to adver­tise this. But rather, we noticed they blacked out some­thing in all three para­graphs. Now it can’t be a gram­mat­i­cal mis­take that spans all three lan­guages right?

No way, look closer:


Seri­ously, it doesn’t take a CSI to guess whats under that layer of ink.

Blimey. They were orig­i­nally plan­ning to give out a MILLION bucks to any­one who turns in an appar­ent ‘elec­tric cables theif’! For­get bux.to, for­get Advertlets. I’m camp­ing out at the carpark’s ground floor tonight! Any­one wanna join me? =D

It’s either that, or some dude typed that notice while day dream­ing about his TOTO buy ear­lier that morn­ing hit­ting the jack­pot. Hence the extra zero’s. Lol. xD

Peo­ple and money. Tsk, tsk.

by shenghan in Happenings, Varsity on 26th January, 2008 at 2pm, Saturday, January 26th, 2008 02:09 pm GMT +8


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  1. May said

    LOL. THREE lan­guages also make the same mistake.

    And I thought I was the only one who was a total fail­ure at add maths. XD XD XD

  2. ember said

    May? Add maths? Failure?

    I never knew those three would belong in a same sen­tence.. =P

    But yeah, like I said, that guy must be dream­ing over win­ning the lot­tery to make that error. XD

  3. uncleu said

    it’s obvi­ous that they printed RM1,000.00 and some schmuck changed the dec­i­mal point to a comma lah. There’s only two zeros which are blanked out. Duh!

  4. hey there..
    nice blog…nice clear pics and nice write up…keep up the good work :)

  5. ember said

    @uncleu, I would advise you to turn up your mon­i­tor bright­ness, lower the con­trast and scru­ti­nize that third pic in my post — you would see the faint out­lines of *three* zero’s blanked by the ink.

    Even if you can’t make out the zero’s, don’t you think that block of ink is way to long to fit in only *two* zero’s? =P

    As for that comma, I guess it also has to be the work of the same guy who blanked the zero’s — he some­how thought the comma has to be blanked and pro­ceeded to ‘blank’ it fur­ther with his marker. Of course, that has made that comma more obvi­ous than ever. Some genius.

    Get my point? =D

    @Pink Cot­ton, why thanks! Glad you liked it. =)