That huge purchase.


I nor­mally let tech-related news pass but this one is just too huge.

Because Microsoft Corp, the guys behind that pro­gram we call Word and OS we call Win­dows, had just made an offer to buy up Yahoo! Inc for a whop­ping 44.6 bil­lion US of A dollars!

Okay. Hold on, take a deep breath. Absorb this: Microsoft buys Yahoo! for $44.6 Billion.

Now you have any idea how much money $44.6 Bil­lion is? Remem­ber that Bill Gates, (for­mer) Chair­man of Microsoft and also, the cur­rent rich­est dude in the world, is worth, drum­roll please.. $56 Bil­lion.

Get the pic­ture on just how much money Microsoft is gam­bling here? All that, just to remain com­pet­i­tive to Google.

But what will we, the end-users, be expect­ing if the deal goes through? Win­dows Live Flickr, any­one? Yahoo Mail down­grad­ing into the infa­mous Hot­mail? I can only imag­ine, but I seri­ously hope Flickr is to stay though. =\

Peo­ple and money. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

by shenghan in Internet, News on 1st February, 2008 at 10pm, Friday, February 1st, 2008 10:20 pm GMT +8


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  1. yahoo mail is bad enough already…gimme gmail anytime! =)

  2. ember said

    agreed. =D *hugs my gmail. XD

  3. wying said

    lol.. hugs my gmail too.

  4. ember said

    you too? Hehe seems like nobody uses yahoo mail any­more. I only use it for my flickr account tho. =)