Spreading the love

Just a ran­dom update on my Sabah trip:

This is where I slept through­out the past week at the Nexus Karam­bunai Resort, Sabah.

Nexus room

It’s been awhile since I last stepped onto the land below the wind. This time though, I was there to attend the 3-day Life Acad­emy: Power of Change course. Not to spend the hol­i­day, mind you.

You’ve prob­a­bly heard about it, prob­a­bly not. It’s pretty well-known in Tai­wan, China, and now, Life Acad­emy is mak­ing its pres­ence felt in Malaysia.


It’s really impos­si­ble to sum-up the course as a whole in a post. But I can tell you that its one of those courses that makes you think more about life, look at it in a wholly dif­fer­ent way.

It makes you appre­ci­ate your loved ones. Awaken to those lit­tle things we often take for granted in life. I could go on and on.

Rose with notebook

At the end of the day, I walked out feel­ing so much lighter at heart.

Wine glasses

And yes, the whole course was in Man­darin, the speak­ers being from Taiwan.

Not tak­ing Chi­nese in SPM and me being a Uni stu­dent was no help to my rapidly dete­ri­o­rat­ing pro­fi­ciency of my mother tongue. Luck­ily though, I man­aged to grasp the whole course with min­i­mal struggle.

Song Xiaoye

Me and my part­ner, Song Xiaoye from Henan, China. Pretty decent guy, got to know a lot about the aver­age Chi­nese dude. =P

Oddly enough, on the first day there was this huge com­mu­ni­ca­tion prob­lem for me with my group mem­bers whose major­ity are from China and Tai­wan. Their slang and tongue-twisting way of speak­ing Man­darin leaves you scratch­ing your head at every sentence.

But of course, I got used to it.

My roommate

My room mate, Duan­feng from Guang­dong. We really had a hard time com­mu­ni­cat­ing when we first met. Man, think­ing back really makes me LOL. xD

Ma Ding

This dude here is Ma Ding from Bei­jing who brought along his mighty 10.2 megapixel dSLR. He made sure I meet him up for tea if I ever make it to Bei­jing some­day. =P Sure thing mate.

the 8th Group

..and the awe­some 8th group. You guys freakin’ rock. XD

Our group were the youngest ones of all the 130+ par­tic­i­pants con­sist­ing of busi­ness­men, cor­po­rate lead­ers, par­ents and the like from China, Tai­wan and Malaysia all there for one com­mon goal:

To expe­ri­ence the power of change and spread the love.

by shenghan in Life on 1st March, 2008 at 10pm, Saturday, March 1st, 2008 10:44 pm GMT +8


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  1. wying said

    wow, that seems to be a nice expe­ri­ence. =D
    i like this type of talk/camp too. =)
    some­how i enjoy lis­ten­ing to how those chi­nese ppl talk, i mean, chi­nese from china, haha. XD

  2. ember said

    yeap. it was. =D

    wait, you enjoy lis­ten­ing to them talk? man, swear my tongue grew 5cm longer after try­ing to adapt to their slang. =\

  3. wying said

    well, depends where they are from. the ones nearer to Hong Kong like Shen Zhen (my rel­a­tives live there).. it’s eas­ier. XD

  4. ember said

    lol. no mat­ter bei­jing, nan­jing, anjing (yes theres a place in China with that name) or what –jing i’ll still have dif­fi­culty talk­ing with them.

    though I agree my group mem­ber from Bei­jing has the worst tongue-twisting slang. =P

  5. its always nice to meet ppl from other countries…

    have u picked up their slang?kekeke

  6. ember said

    Oh you bet. =P But I quickly got rid of it after I bid my China friends farewell. Don’t wanna see that look on my family’s faces when I return home with a swollen tongue. XD

  7. Eunice said

    Aren’t hotel rooms the best?

    Hmm wait, is this a like social empow­er­ment event?

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