History as it happens.

As of yes­ter­day, rock­ets were launched, blue-black eyes were cel­e­brated and green flags waved.

T:TSCC episode 09 — Judge­ment Day.

..and that old, rusty weight bal­ance col­lapsed under its own imbal­ance in five states. The irony, right?

I’d say: It’s about damn time!

And rather proudly, Kuch­ing­nites have launched their very own rocket.


One per­haps more sym­bol­i­cally use­ful than the one that launched a space tourist.

Its a new chap­ter in Malaysian his­tory. And its gonna be inter­est­ing to know what the future holds in store for our beloved country.

by shenghan in General, Happenings, Life on 9th March, 2008 at 5pm, Sunday, March 9th, 2008 05:25 pm GMT +8


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  1. wying said

    now Malaysians know what rocket lauch­ing really is. =D

  2. Free said

  3. ember said

    @Free, yeap. If any­thing, its a bloody good wake up call for the sleepy rul­ing coalition.

  4. Hans L. said

  5. ember said

    Lol. Five min­utes is all the dif­fer­ence you can make as a voter. =)

    Yeap, sure thing man!

  6. cdason said


  7. ember said

    Haha..guess I really suck at metaphor­ing. =P

    Yeap, we really need the watch­dogs to bark at them when­ever that new dude turns a sleepy eye.